Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I hope it is filled with all the people you love,
as much food as you need,
and the good health to enjoy it all.

Also, I thought I'd finally post pictures of the latest Baby Quilt I made. (I believe I finished this one in October...?)

It measures 50" x 55".

It's made with a Jelly Roll of "Fresh" by Deb Strain for Moda, with various strips (leftover from the jelly roll) for the binding, and a yard or so from the Fresh line for the backing.
It's just straight-line quilted all around with orange thread. And though I'd like to do some "fancy" free-motion quilting in the sashing around the border, my family has talked me out of it.
(I may still do it one of these days... IF I get bored and adventurous!)
Also, I did the binding totally by machine on this one!

It's so cheery!
I originally made it with the intentions of giving it to my local Quilting Guild (when I join in January) for their Cuddle Quilt project...
But now...
I've spent over $60 on this! I think Boyfriend wouldn't like it too much if I gave it away and couldn't even get a receipt to take it off on taxes! I'll just keep it for awhile...
I'm sure I'll know someone (one of these days) who's having a baby...
And I'll be able to just "whip it out"! (Kitty has hinted that she'd like it for her future baby... We'll see!)
Be well Friends!
p.s. This quilt makes SIX total finished quilts for *this* year!!! WooHoo!!!
I had a goal, and I actually REACHED IT!!!
Plus I have one quilt *top* (the Values quilt) that I'm pondering on what to do for the back, and I'm working on the Blue WaveRunner, which is coming together nicely, thank you very much! So I *might* have more than six for the year.
I'm so tickled!!!


  1. Congrats!! on reaching your goal!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. Happy weekend! I was late on Thanksgiving!!