Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Bunny!

I am Finally Finally Finally able to post pictures of Bunny's quilt.


First I must say:

This quilt is NOTHING like what it originally looked like in my imagination!

That, however, must be followed up with this:


It measures 83" x 75". (Yes, it's h-u-g-e! But it's just more to love. =-) )

The fabric is various stuff I already had, various fat quarters I bought for parts, the main fabrics I bought specifically for the front & the back (but I didn't write down that information, so I don't remember...), and the binding is
"Fizz" by P&B Textiles.

I had NO idea how to quilt it, and it was such a HUGE job that I took it to a lady in town who has a Long Arm business. (That's a sewing machine with a "long arm" where the material can all fit while you quilt.)

She quilted it with Superior Threads' clear (monofilament, maybe?) thread in an all-over swirl pattern. She has a computer hooked up to her sewing machine and puts the quilt on a huge "fabric holder" thingy, and the computer & sewing machine do all the work!

(I'm sure it's not quite that simple, but... it works for me!) =-)

Without further ado...

The front:

(The sun finally came out!)

(Note how my helper wants to be in the picture! She's so funny!)

(My helper is *still* there, posing for the camera like Tyra's around...

She stayed there the whole time Bunny was taking the pictures. lol!)

Close-up of the Robin & nest (the right wing is 1 piece of fabric, the left wing is 1 piece of fabric, the tail is 1 piece of fabric, all very carefully folded...) :

Close-up of the Flutter-by (which was VERY difficult! It's 2 pieces of fabric; the polka dot "base" and the orange on top that's zig-zagged onto the polka dot):

Close-up of the Bee & Sunflower (the bee isn't what I envisioned either, but... at least it's *there*! lol ) :

Close-up of the Dragonfly:

Close-up of the little Pink Flowers and of the Binding (Kitty helped me pick out that binding, and it's just perfect! Thanks Kitty!!) :

I wanted to put a lizard and a lady bug and a frog and some other stuff on there, but maybe I'll get to all that "one of these days"... when I have "nothing to do"...!

And the back...

Again, it is nothing like I first envisioned, but...


I love it!!!

(See? Even though we made her move so we could turn it around, there's my Helper once again, posing for Tyra Banks! haha!)

The Luna moth was really difficult to do, but *TOTALLY* worth it!

I think she's *Perfect*! (I've always loved Luna moths, ever since my older brother found a cocoon for a Luna moth and put it between his window & screen and let it "hatch"! That was the first time I remember seeing a Luna moth [they only come out at night, you know], and I've loved them ever since!)

Her body is made of fleece and the wings are batik fabric. The antennae are painted on... I couldn't make them look right with thread, embroidery floss or yarn, so I just painted 'em! The rest of her is machine-sewn thread. Lots of work, but totally worth it (*I* think!).

Various scattered leaves (Again, this was different in my head; I wanted it to look like you were laying down under the tree, looking up at the night sky through a branch, but... I couldn't make it look right, so I just "scattered" the leaves... It looks okay, right...? Does it...? Whatever.) :

And the "Impressionistic flower garden" (which is smaller than I made it, but it had to get chopped off at the Long-Arm Lady's. She didn't have enough to work with, so in the doing, it had to go.) :

So there's Bunny's quilt

just like I've been promising you for a month or MORE! =-)

She loves it! She did NOT want to wait until her birthday to get it, and it had been so looooong since she had last seen it that she forgot what it looked like before, when it only had a tree and a few flowers.

I hope you like it too! =-)

Feel free to comment to let me know what you think!



  1. Hi Wendy!!! Good quilting! :))

  2. OMG, I Love it! Great Job!

  3. Waow ! Cet arbre est plus que magnifique ! ! ! Un véritable poème pour enfants, adultes écris de cette façon...
    J'adore... mais quel travail ! ! ! Combien d'heures ? How many hours to realise this beautiful "text" ! ! ! Sorry for my english ! ! !...


  4. Chick, this kicks major amounts of ass! Both sides are awesome, but the luna moth and leaves side is way past gorgeous.

  5. WOW!!! Wendy...come over and play at my house...I will teach you pottery in exchange for a quilt...


    xo, Mango

  6. Mommy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my quilt and thank you SO much for making it. It's beautiful.

  7. Hey Wendy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (Bethany Quilts). I have enjoyed looking at yours. This tree quilt with the flowers is really cute. Looks like you're a serious quilt addict. As a quiltaholic myself, I would like to say: more power to ya!