Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Post Here

Boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow!
We're going to the Brazilian Steakhouse.
Boyfriend is excited!

I called to make reservations for us ("us" meaning the 4 of us, plus Daddy, Z & her boyfriend if he can go, Bunny's boyfriend if he can go, W & C [our neighbors who went to England with us], and Eric), but with so many of us, they can't seat us 'til EIGHT-THIRTY!

Have i ever mentioned that i like to eat with the old people? 
By that i mean i like to eat supper at about 5 o'clock.  Six-thirty at the latest!
I guess i'll be eating a late lunch plus a snack tomorrow just so i'll still be "pleasant" by 8-frikkin-30.
And even with that, the cocktail before supper will go straight to my head.
What can i say... Cheap date! Yep, that's me.

But i know we'll have a great time!
It's where we went last year for Boyfriend's b'day, and it was SO delicious!

I *would* say "I'll take pictures", but i know me better than that.

Hmmm... maybe i can get Bunny to take pictures!  She *is* a photographer, after all.  =-)

Another reminder:
Go check out the link and see what you think.  If you're the type of person who journals, or doodles daily, or keeps a diary, or sketches, or anything like that, then please go check it out!  I think you'll like it!
I'm gonna give it a go even though i don't really draw.  I write, though.  I write a LOT!  But i *used* to draw when i was young, so i'm gonna try to use this as a push to start drawing again.
I'm going to try my *damned-est* to keep it up for the *entire* month!
I'm hoping somebody will do it with me.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

England was so interesting to me.  I loved all the differences, and yet i wondered, "How is it that we're SO different?  Didn't the majority of our ancestors come from 'over there'?"  At the very least, our Language did!  Yet there are so many differences in British English and American English.  Let me show you...

When we say...                  They say...

shrimp                              prawns
eggplant                           aubergine
1st floor                           ground floor
2nd floor                           1st floor 
yield                                 give way
parking lot                        car park
apartment                         flat
elevator                            lift
trunk                                boot
panties                             pant
tennis shoes/sneakers        trainers
vagina                              fanny
umbrella                           brolly
pants                               trousers
subway                             tube
thanks                              cheers or ta
desserts                           puddings
french fries                        chips
chips                                crisps
cash register                      till
TJ Maxx                             TK Maxx

I'm sure there are a ton of other words, but these are all i can think of at the moment.  Chime in if you know of any others!

Anybody wanna go to England?!

Actually, i think our next trip is going to be a cruise...
in June...
leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico...
cruising the islands of Saint Thomas, Barbados, St Lucis,  St Kitts, St Maarten and  back to San Juan.
We've been invited to tag along with Boyfriend's nephew, Andrew.  He's turning 30 (!), and really wants to take this cruise.  He's said the more, the merrier, as far as "everybody" going.  Hey, Suzanne, wanna go?!  Pam will most likely need a "roomie".  I know it's short notice, but...

Oh.  Wait.  Suzi, you're taking Kitty to NYC "for graduation", and i'm tagging along, so i'm betting you won't go on the cruise.
We invited our neighbors, W & C (who we went to England with), and they're thinking about it.  They don't like to be on the water 'cause they both get seasick, but we're trying to convince them anyway.
Maybe we should invite Eric too...  His feelings will be REALLY hurt if we invite W & C and *don't* invite him!
Who else wants to go?!  =-)

Okay, three posts in two days is quite enough for me!
Prolly even a Record!
Or, maybe i'm on a roll and i'll get on here tomorrow too!
Besides, i still need to tell you about International Fake Journal Month again!
=-)  It's coming in THREE days!

I'll be back!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
to the Best Big Sister
a girl could ever ask for!

That's my sister Suzanne (on the right),
and today is her birthday!
This was about... 19...
Well, she wouldn't be too happy if i tell you the year, so i'll just let the picture speak for itself.  =-)
We loved each other then...

That's Suzanne on the left this time.
This picture was taken in the Summer of 2010 at my brother's house.
Good times, good times.

Happy Birthday, Suzi!  I hope it's a GREAT one!
And hopefully we can get together SOON!
I love you!!!


England Trip, Day 10

Sunday, 24th October, 2010

We got up, ate breakfast at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, packed our bags and walked to the High Street/Kensington Station, where we caught the District Line (also known as the Green Line) to Victoria Station.  (I don't know why each line has TWO names - a word-name and a color-name, but they do!  It was a bit confusing to me, but, then, i get confused a lot anyway, so...)  From there, we got on a train to Gatwick Airport.  Once there, we called the Arora Hotel (in the small town of Crawley) and had them come pick us up so we could spend one night there and be close to the airport so we wouldn't have a big hassle (and possibly miss our flight) the next day.

The Arora Hotel was nice.  It had a h-u-g-e atrium with a 4-story "waterfall" in it.   Very beautiful and modern hotel.

That's the waterfall (the white space between the 2 elevators with the silver "thing" at the top). 
The water really "slides" down fishing-wire-looking stuff, so it doesn't really splash when it lands at the bottom, and so it doesn't make too much noise.
But it was pretty (in person. Sorry this isn't a great picture.)

This is a shot of the atrium from the elevator on the top floor.
Sorry it's kinda blurry and not with good lighting, but we worked with what we had...

This odd thing was in the atrium, and Boyfriend figured out what it was...

A chair!
I love people's imaginations!

And this was another chair.
All wood.

Our room.  We actually took pix of *every* room we stayed in.
We would leave our luggage in the hallway & take pix before we "messed it up".  =-)

Another shot of our room.  See that item on the left?  It's...

Tea service and an ironing station!  Every room we stayed in had a place to make tea.
I don't know why i was surprised...
It's ENGLAND!  =-)
(I've *almost* come to the conclusion that i'm an Airhead...)
(And now i'm wondering who's reading this and saying, "Duh!")

This type of contraption was in almost every room we stayed in; it's on the wall as soon as you enter.
It's, um, i don't know what it's called, but it's like the Power Center for the room.
When you enter,  you put your keycard in, and the lights and heat/air come on.
That way, when you're not there, the room isn't using ANY electricity!
Genius, right?
Why don't we do that over here in the States?
England is truly WAY more "Green" than we are!

This was in the "basement" next to the work-out room.
We liked all the blue, and how soothing it looked.
We didn't take swim suits, though, so we could only stand there and look at it.  =-)
"Who knew we  would need swim suits in England in October?!"

After tourning the entire hotel, and walking around the town, we ate supper in the very nice restaurant that was in our hotel.  It's called "Gallucci".  It was Italian, and it was very good. 

Good food.  Good wine.  Good friends.  Another excellent night that followed a nice day.  What more could i ask for?  It was a little melancholy for me, though.  It was our last night...

After a leisurely supper, we went up to our rooms to re-pack and get a good night's sleep to get ready for our l-o-n-g  trip the next day.
We came home on Monday, October 25th.
It was without incident. 
I *HATE* flying, but i've resolved myself that if i want to really go anywhere, it's just a necessary thing.  So i just "suck it up" and DO it!  =-)

And i made it home safe and sound.  =-)

(I've told myself that *if* i die in a plane crash, at least i don't have to worry about whether or not i'll get Alzheimer's, so that's my rationalization and it helps... a little!)  =-)

Our entire trip was from October  13th through October 25th, and i loved every minute of it!
People ask me, "What was your favorite part?!", and honestly, i don't have one.  i loved the WHOLE THING!!!
My *least* favorite part was the flight there and back, but everything in between?
I would go again in a skinny minute!  There was so much we *didn't* see, so *if* i ever get the chance, you can bet i'll do it!

And if you ever get the chance...  GO!  There is *so* much history there!  The architecture is amazing, and a mix of old and new.  Everything is just fascinating!

I hope you enjoyed my trip through my eyes.
Now i'll see if i can get back to quilting something! 


Sunday, March 20, 2011



It's been gorgeous here all weekend!  Lots of things are blooming, like Forsythia, Bradford Pear trees, Tulip trees, and Daffodils.
I thought i had a picture of my daffodils in the back yard, but i don't.  =-(
I'll see if i can take a few minutes tomorrow to go out there and take a few.

But right now i want to talk to you about something i've been pondering.

I saw Melanie Testa's blog, and i love Melly & her work, so whenever she links to something, i usually go check it out.
Well, the other day, she linked to Roz Stendahl's blog.
I loved it.
So when Roz had lots of links to something called International Fake Journal Month, i just had to go check out that blog.
Well, let me just say...


You gotta check it out too!  Maybe you'll do it *with* me!
Maybe we'll inspire each other!

I've always wanted to keep a journal (or whatever you want to call it), but never really was consistent with it.
Well, this is my chance to keep one, consistently, for a *limited* amount of time. 
With inspiration and help. 
And it's by a character i invent, so it's okay if it's not perfect, and it's okay if it's not "right".  My inner critic won't be able to fuss at me about it because it's not "MINE"!
HA! Take *that*, Inner Critic!

So, go look at the IFJM blog and see what you think.
Won't you join me?!
We'll have fun!
We'll encourage each other!
We'll get "artsy"!
We'll tell our Inner Critics to "shut the hell up!"
We'll have FUN!

Whaddaya say?!

I'll post a bit more about this tomorrow.
Right now, i've gotta go to bed. [yawn]


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 9 in England

Saturday, the 23rd of October, 2010

We started the day with breakfast at our hotel, the Copthorne Tara International.  Then we went back to Harrod's for "a couple of things" that we wished we'd gotten the day before.  (Ha!  But 'C' & i knew *exactly* where we were going.  The fellas had to pay attention and hurry to keep up with us!)

It was a Saturday, *and* a sunny day, so the streets were crowded, as was Harrod's.
After our quick stop into Harrod's, we caught the bus to go to "the market at Portabello".  The very first thing i saw was... 

Nope.  I didn't see Allsaints Spitalfields first.  I saw:

Boyfriend &  me in front of AllSaints

But that wasn't all...
There were MORE!

The sewing machines were lining EVERY WALL!  I was A-mazed!!
I was too busy walking around with my mouth hanging open, and then i noticed it was actually a clothing store... with GORGEOUS clothes in it!  Anyway, i was too busy/distracted to even think about stopping an employee to ask why all the sewing machines were there.  Sorry.  I could make up some story for you about how this used to be the garment-making district, and all those machines were used in this building by poor, underpaid women and children...  Whatever!  You make up your own story.  Or, better, go Google that shit and come back and tell me!  =-)

I'm telling you, they were everywhere!

It was a corner building, and the sewing machines were in ALL the windows.

Then Boyfriend stopped and started taking a bunch of pictures.
I think he was putting off actually *walking into* this crowd.  (He's a bit afraid of being in crowds.  Shh! Don't tell anybody. 'Cause he's a manly-man, you know.  He won't admit to many people that he has a problem with being "crowded in".  He feels like it isn't safe, and if he needs an escape route, he won't be able to find one and keep me with him and everything.  Shh.)

Folks out enjoying the gorgeous weather at Market.

We walked through the market (and Boyfriend did good!), and saw all sorts of neat things.  It was a beautiful day!  And i think everybody and his aunts and uncles were out that day!  There were people *everywhere*!
After walking through the Market, we caught a bus back to the Picadilly area, and we walked around there a bit.

See all the people on the sidewalk?!
That's what happens in London on a beautiful Saturday.

Me & Boyfriend in front of the Eros fountain at Picadilly.

Next we walked to Old Bond Street, on the back-side of Harrods.
Oh my goodness.
You know, i'm not much for designer *anything*, but this street?
Top-of-the-line Designer Alley.
I had Boyfriend take all these pictures for my little sister, who *does* know a thing or two about fashion and designer stuff.

All the street signs are on the buildings closest to the street corners.

There was Tiffany, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabana, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Mikimoto, Cartier, Chanel, DKNY, Rolex, MaxMara, Yves Sant Laurent, Mont Blanc, and... a bunch of stuff i've never heard of, but i'll bet my little sister prolly has!  =-)
And the cars that were parked there!  We saw Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce, along with lots of others...
I'll only bore you with 2 pix from there.  These are for you, Z!  

Yes, that's Prada, but also notice the car.

Dolce & Gabbana

After a full day of walking around, we caught the Tube back to "our" neighborhood to go to TK Maxx to do a bit of shopping.
Yes, i spelled that right. 
*We* call it TJ Maxx, but in England it's called TK Maxx. 
Then we walked "home", had some wine, and decided to catch a taxi to go to "W" & "C"'s favorite spot:

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese,
rebuilt in 1667 after the big fire.
Yes, it's older than  three hundred years old!

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is a neat place.  It's old and built and re-built and most of the floors are on different levels.  There's not really a 1st floor and a 2nd floor 'cause they're really all over the place! 

Inside Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Me & "C" feelin' good after a pint but before supper.
(Can you say "Cheap date"?  Yep, that's me.)   =-)

The night was as beautiful as the day, and we walked along the Thames River for a bit of photography before we made our way back to the hotel.

London and the Thames River

The Green Line of the Tube.
You can tell it's the Green Line because the poles you hold onto and the seats are Green.
Clever, huh?

I'll try not to put this off for almost a month again before my next update.

Yes, there's more.
This was the longest vacation i've ever been on, and it was THE BEST!  I'd go back again in a SKINNY MINUTE!  I loved this even better than Hawaii, even though this was so cold.