Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 5

Fake Journal entry for April 5th.

left page quote:
"Homework - Another Nature drawing.
OMG Carly got on my
NERVES today!"

right page quote:
Mrs. C.  3rd Per.   4-5-'11
Della Fleming"

I'm enjoying drawing a bit every day.  It's not too demanding, and the way i've chosen to do my character, it's easy and freeing to draw what i want, the way i want.
I'm first drawing with pencil, then going over it with a Pitt Artist Pen, and next i color it with watercolor crayons.  I'm not using the "watercolor" part of the crayons yet.  I guess i'm kinda scared to.  My drawings are pretty small, and i'm not sure how to deal with that.
Guess i'll have to get a tiny brush and a cup of water and "Explore My 'Limits'" or something like that.  That's a part of this project, too.  One of Roz's intents with this project is to help us branch out, so i guess i'd best start thinking about that!  But today's post is only Entry 5, and i personally am on Entry 19, so it'll be awhile before you see that "exploration".  =-)

Okay.  Gotta get stuff done today!
Thank you for stopping by again!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 4

Fake Journal entry for April 4th.

left page quote:
"Mrs. C said she likes m pictures but
she doesnt like for them to be
floating in nothing on the page.
She really said that!  But I don't want
to draw everything around it.  Theres
to much stuff everywhere!
Todays homework is more nature stuff.
At least its not raining!  =-)"

right page quote:
"Mrs. Cunningham   3rd Per.
Della Fleming   4-4-11"

I'm enjoying doing this.  If you have no clue what i'm doing, please click on the link above, or the pink link over there on the right (with the dog picture).  It's a great project, and YOU can join in at *any* time!  We still have two weeks to go, and that could be just the right amount of time for you to get into a little bit of Fake Journaling for yourself!  =-)
It's fun, and since your journaling is by your character, your Inner Critic can't say a SINGLE WORD to you about it!!!  That's really free-ing.
Give it a try!
Look at Roz's blog to see what i'm talking about.  =-)
Let's have fun together.  =-)

Back soon with more!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 3

Fake Journal entry from April 3rd, 2011

left side page quote:
"I picked the tree in my front yard for
homework.  My Mom says its called a
Redbud but Id rather call it
Pretty.  =-)  I dont have the right
color for the tiny flowers but this
is the closest I could get it.
I hope Mrs. C likes it."

right side quote:
"Mrs. Cunningham   4-3-11
3rd Per.   Della Fleming"

I like today's drawing, but i'm not too fond of the trunk.  HOWEVER, that's pretty much what it really looks like in real life (*eff'ed up!*), so i'm good with it.  In a big way, there's a lot of freedom to "drawing like an 11-year-old", 'cause i don't have to worry about shading, or about drawing everything that's in the scene, so i can give myself some slack.  =-)  And since my Inner Critic usually talks (down) to me A LOT, this is a good thing!  =-)

Gotta run!!!  Got lots to do!
Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 2

Entry to Fake Journal for April 2nd, 2011.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted, but i've been having a bit of trouble lately.  Life and other stuff going on...  And some depression...

But i have a many days' worth of journaling to post and plan to do it all today...
Wow. Now i've jinxed myself.  Great.

Anyway, this one says (and i quote directly, misspellings, mis-punctuations and all):

left page:  "Mrs. Cunningham said we have to draw
something from nature today and tomorow. 
Thats so not fair!  Ug!
But at least its pretty nice outside.
OMG!  A ladybug just crawled up on me!!!
Isnt that supose to be Good Luck?!  =-)
Maybe Ill get an A for this picture!"

picture page:  "Della Fleming   4-2-'11
Mrs Cunnigham  3rd Period"

I am writing with my left hand, but drawing with my right.  (I can barely draw with my dominant hand; no WAY i'm gonna try drawing with my left!)

I'm actually liking my drawings!  I haven't really drawn anything since my daughters were little, so this is a good thing.  (Me liking it and me *actually drawing*!)

Okay!  Got tons of stuff to do today, so i'd best get going!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fake Journal 1

Fake Journal entry for April 1st:

Sorry.  I scanned my journal entry instead of taking a pic, so it's not that good.  But it's all i got today.

I'm not really explaining my character 'cause i'm not really putting too much thought into her.  Just suffice to say that she's 11, in the 5th grade, and all my drawings so far have been done "for homework".

What i'm really enjoying is that "these drawings aren't done by *ME*, but by my character, so it gives me the freedom to NOT criticize them!"

And i'm REALLY happy to report that Kitty is also doing a Fake Journal!!!

The reason that deserves three exclamation marks is because it has been a looong time since Kitty has felt like doing *any* art!  This Fake Journal has given her the chance to "be somebody else" and therefore, as somebody else, it's okay to "make art"! 

She quit doing any art when her boyfriend broke up with her a number of months ago. 

It really worried me.

She *used* to paint and do all sorts of "arty" things all the time, but after he broke up with her, it just sort of took the wind out of her sails, and she didn't feel like doing anything art-wise.

But THANK YOU ROZ!  Now Kitty's "making things" again!!!

This was the perfect "excuse" for her to begin again!

She's really getting into the Character-thing.  She's always had this ability (and desire) to pretend to be other people.  When she was little, she would play by herself in her room, but she wasn't "by herself" at all!  She was at least two different characters (if not more!), and happy as a clam.  I remember her pretending to be a stooped over old man, walking with a (pretend) cane and talking in a croaky voice...

Ya'll just don't know how good i feel about this, for her!  =-)

And as for my Fake Journal?  It's coming along nicely.  I'm enjoying drawing (who knew?!), and i think i'm really not bad!
I *didn't* say "i'm good at it", but at least i don't think i'm *bad* at it!  =-)

I'm enjoying sitting outside in this lovely Spring weather, and simply looking at an object, *really* looking, and trying to draw.
It's relaxing.

And i'm trying not to journal much, since i usually rely on written words in my regular journals.

It's different, but that's the reason Roz has us trying this Fake Journal thing:  to get out of our comfort zones and to try something new.

I'm drawing with my right hand ('cause that's my dominant hand), but i'm doing the actual writing with my left hand.  It's a challenge, but i think it helps me with my character-thing.  And i think most 5th graders don't really have nice hand writing (especially nowadays!  When's the last time you were in a 5th grade classroom?  They obviously don't have time to practice penmanship, much less talk about it, or even *think* about it!)

The writing says:
"Mrs Cunningham said we have to draw an 'Everyday Item' for homework so i picked my sisters phone.  She has it with her like ALL the time, Every Day so that counts right?  =-)  I like my drawing."
On the picture page, it says, "My sister's phone.  4-1-'11
Mrs Cunningham, 3rd Period
Della Fleming"

Okay.  That's all for today.  Back tomorrow with the next installment!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fake Journal Month - "Prequel"

It's officially Day 2 of "Fake Journal" Month, and i'm actually in synch with it!

I'm really proud of myself, 'cause i usually wimp out on projects like this!
Not to jinx myself by saying that, though.  There are still 28 days for me to wimp out on, but i'm being hopeful.  =-)

I sort of waited 'til the laaaast minute on day 1 'cause my Inner Critic was  trying to psych me out of doing it.  But i did it anyway!  It was after 10 pm, but still, I DID IT ANYWAY!
"HA, Inner Critic!  Take that!"

And that's part of what Roz Stendahl is trying to do anyway with this Fake Journal thing: help you quiet your Inner Critic.  And it's sort of working for me!

Bunny and Kitty ARE doing it with me after all!
I am SOOO tickled!!!

We haven't really *really* looked at each other's stuff yet, but that's sort of what Roz has been talking about too.  She advises we wait a few days before posting any of our "journal pages" to our blogs, just so we can have time to "get our mojo going" first, and time to get into our characters.  Go read her blog and you'll find out what i'm talking about!

[i put "journal pages" in quotes up there because i've never really felt like what i've been doing is "journaling", but i guess it is in the "dictionary sense", so...]

Okay, here's my character's story, sort of.
My character is myself, but at age 11.  It's kinda confusing because my real daughters are my character's sisters, and i'm basically my character's mother.  Something like that.  I'm not really getting into working a lot of it out.  I'm just using this Fake Journal as an "excuse" to start drawing. 
I used to draw when i was young.  But somewhere along the way, written words became my main way of expressing myself.  Every time i sat down to try to start a "journal", it has been through words; NEVER through pictures.  Except when i was little.
So *now* i'm trying to start drawing once again.  When my girls were little, i drew too, just to show them that "people can draw", but once they took to it, i basically stopped drawing again.
But i think it will only be good - for my creativity, imagination, quilting, brain, etc - for me to start to draw.
So when i saw this "challenge" on Roz's blog, i thought it could be something that might help.

And I'm Doing It!!!

So i've already done my page for today, and it's just now 5 o'clock.  And i even scanned both pages in preparation for when i actually begin posting them!!!
This is really progress for me!

I am so tickled!!!

And now that i've posted this, i guess i'll *have* to keep up with Fake Journal month, just so i don't humiliate myself with "failure".  =-)

I'll wait a few days (maybe the 7th?) before i post pix.
So in the meantime, Wish Me Luck!


p.s.  It's not too late for YOU to join in Fake Journal month!  You can hop on the bandwagon at ANY point in this month!  Go check out Roz's blog on Fake Journal Month and her blog on art.  She's inspiring.