Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 5

Fake Journal entry for April 5th.

left page quote:
"Homework - Another Nature drawing.
OMG Carly got on my
NERVES today!"

right page quote:
Mrs. C.  3rd Per.   4-5-'11
Della Fleming"

I'm enjoying drawing a bit every day.  It's not too demanding, and the way i've chosen to do my character, it's easy and freeing to draw what i want, the way i want.
I'm first drawing with pencil, then going over it with a Pitt Artist Pen, and next i color it with watercolor crayons.  I'm not using the "watercolor" part of the crayons yet.  I guess i'm kinda scared to.  My drawings are pretty small, and i'm not sure how to deal with that.
Guess i'll have to get a tiny brush and a cup of water and "Explore My 'Limits'" or something like that.  That's a part of this project, too.  One of Roz's intents with this project is to help us branch out, so i guess i'd best start thinking about that!  But today's post is only Entry 5, and i personally am on Entry 19, so it'll be awhile before you see that "exploration".  =-)

Okay.  Gotta get stuff done today!
Thank you for stopping by again!


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