Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Earth is so old.
I  typically tend toward thinking of things solely as they "relate to" me, but at times?  At times...

At times i have thoughts of
"I wonder if anyone has ever died on this very spot where i stand?"

It *could* be true.  The  Earth *is* very old.

This very spot could be sacred to someone i've never met, and likely never *will*, solely because of that "Time factor".

I try to think of People in that way, too.

I don't pretend to know *everything* that's happened in anybody's life, so i try to treat everyone as if they've had *some* sort of Trauma...  or Event...
*Something* that makes me treat them with a certain Respect, and a certain "Delicate-ness".

But i'm not steady and "predictable" in my ways,  so there are also times - *most* times -  when i treat people as if they're "just like me", and they just need a Good Laugh.

Getting ready for Senior Prom
& *wishing* my Mom would 
"just leave me alone for a minute!!!"

I  hope you're having a Wonderful Day!
And i hope your Tomorrow is Awesome as well.   =-)