Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day Eight of our England Trip

This was on Friday, October 22nd, 2010.
We ate breakfast at our hotel and then rode a bus to Harrod's department store.

Talk about a HUGE store!


What kind of STUFF, you ask?!
Well, let me tell you!

A list of the restaurants & cafes in Harrod's

Why, yes, that IS a listing of SEVEN STORIES!

The first floor, or as the Brits call it, the Ground Floor, had things like lingerie, purses, make-up and such.  One of the first things i really saw was this outfit:

 Beautiful lingerie

I saw this piece and fell in love with all the beautiful lace.
Then i went up to it for a closer inspection.
It had a zipper at the neck on the back.  I felt the crotch area for snaps...


That means that if you wriggle yourself into this beauty, you'd better not need to go pee because then you'll just have to get almost totally undressed again!
I asked the sales lady about it...
She said, "It doesn't really matter.  We're sold out of that.  Even the one on the model is sold.  Oh, and it's one thousand five hundred pounds."

That was about 2 thousand 3hundred 50 U.S. dollars!!!

Oh well.  I didn't want it anyway. 
It's so beautiful, if i wore it i wouldn't want to put anything on over it so everybody could admire its beauty.
And WHERE ON EARTH would i be able to wear something like THAT?!?!

Well... Technically, i do have one or two places where i could wear it, but... Seriously?  We'd have to win the big-time Lottery for me to be able to afford something like that!

There was another mannekin that had some really cute, girly tights on it, but i didn't even bother to ask how much they were.  Besides, they're TOO girly for me.

 Cute "girly" tights on a mannekin

So, we went to lots of other departments.  No need gettin' all depressed about how expensive the cute things were, right?

Boyfriend & me in front of a Xmas display

Keep in mind that England doesn't have Thanksgiving to "get in the way" of Xmas, so they already had all their Xmas stuff out everywhere.
And we think *our* stores start early...

The Wonderland Cafe' on Harrod's Fourth Floor
(which would be *our* 5th floor)

I want to explain the "floors" thing:
In England, what we call the first floor, they call their "ground floor",
and what we call our second floor, they call their "first floor",
and so on and etcetera.
Don't ask me why.  I never asked anybody, so i don't really know.  I *could* start "supposing" for you, but that would just be my guess, and that's not good.  So if you're curious, maybe you could "Wikipedia that".   Or "Google that".  Or maybe you have a handsome British bloke in your abode (cough*Snooze*cough) who could answer that mystery for you and you could comment in my comments section and we'd all know.  =-)
Anyway, that's that about the floors!

We spent almost FOUR HOURS in Harrod's, admiring all the beautiful things, and we didn't even see HALF the store!
I loved the shoe department (that went on forever), and i'm not really a "shoe person", so you can imagine how truly wonderful that was.

And let me tell you about the Confectioner's Department!
Oh. my. god!!
There were such beautiful sweets!
They had all sorts of chocolates; bon bons, truffles, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, you name it and they had it.  They had marzipans, hard candies, soft candies, rock candies in all colors, and candies that i've never seen before.  It was all SO BEAUTIFUL!  And it was the BUSIEST section in the entire store!!!  There were customers all over the place!  It was kinda difficult to walk around and drool over anything, there were so many people.
You would have loved it though.
Or maybe that was just me.

After almost four hours of wandering around in Harrod's, oohing and aahing over so many things, we finally bought a few souvenirs and left.  (Very few, and i apologize in advance to my family!)
We walked around the block to a pub for lunch.

Next we caught a bus to Neal Street for some "real" shopping.  We asked a couple of "locals" where was a good place to shop and they recommended Neal Street.  It's a really cool pedestrian only section of blocks, with shop after shop after shop.  "C" and I each bought a pair of boots.  I wanted to go clothes shopping, but i felt like i'd tested the guys' patience enough.  =-)

Neal Street for Shopping

After "torturing" the guys, we caught the Tube to Tower Hill for the "Jack the Ripper Tour".

The Moon was just cresting over the Roman Wall
outside the Tower Hill Tube station
where we went for the Jack the Ripper Tour.
Kind of... poetic.  =-)

The Tower of London
across from the Tower Hill Tube station

By the time we were done with the Jack the Ripper tour, our feet hurt & we were getting tired, so we caught the Tube back to our hotel.  We ate supper at the hotel since the pub we'd planned on eating at was FULL (it being Friday night and all)!

It was overcast for most of the day, but
overall, it was a very good day!
A Very Good Day!