Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, the sun, moon & planets were all aligned properly and I took pictures! Yay! =-)

Lottie's Quilt measures 6 ft x 5 ft.

The fabric is a layer cake from "Symphony" by Sentimental Studios for Moda. The backing is a yard (or however much) from the same line plus black fabric. The binding is the same black fabric. (Not very imaginative, I know. But it looks good on the front. =-) )

(Beautiful day, huh?!)

You can see some of the quilting better from this side. It's my first time doing Free Motion quilting on an actual Quilt! Yay! (A big Thank You to Leah Day for giving me the courage & knowledge to try it!)

I gotta run now! Gotta go get all clean and sweet-smellin' for my weekend getaway/date with Boyfriend! We're heading to a Winery and hotel for Anniversary Fun!!! (Sorry, Otin. No webcam. But I'm sure Boyfriend would love to take pictures! lol)

Ya'll have a fun weekend too!

p.s. I also took pictures of the Baby Quilt and I'll post them as soon as I can! (I would say "as soon as I can *walk*, but I don't really need to walk to post, so...)


p.p.s. I *know* I owe you pictures of Bunny's quilt, but it's in hiding! She hasn't seen it and I have to wait until her birthday (the 30th) to get it out, give it to her, then (finally, finally, finally!) take pictures of it! I can't wait for her and you to see it!



  1. Are you coming up my way?

    Have fun!!....LindaMay

  2. I saw some pictures of Bunny's quilt, oh wait! That was a different type of quilt! LOL!

    Seriously, though, very nice work!!!!

  3. Me too !...

    Very very beautiful !...

    See you bella !

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! Have you been to the National quilt museum in Paducah, KY? We happened upon it by chance. See my post about it at:

    You asked about Jeremiah Weed. It's a 100 proof bourbon that tastes slightly sweet. It's pretty strong - you can't drink a lot of it - it's dangerous!