Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big One!

TODAY is my anniversary!

I'd like to sing a little ditty and dance a little jig.

... But I don't even know any dittys...

or jigs, for that matter.



Today is my twenty-sixth anniversary.

And I still love this man, people!!!

And the TRULY amazing thing is that HE still loves ME (or at least that's what he tells me... And I'm buyin' it, hook, line AND sinker, people!!!) !!!

Anyway, we went out to supper...

had a bottle of wine *with* supper...

and I'm a CHEAP date, let me tell you!

Our two daughters went with us, 'cause we're having a Fabulous anniversary weekend this coming weekend, and, trust me, the daughters WILL NOT be in attendence at this Soiree (sp?). Trust me!

We have already booked the hotel room (King suite with a shower huge enough for him, me, and EACH one of you reading this!),

booked the wine tasting at the Winery,

booked the supper at the special restaurant at the Winery,

and, did I mention, booked the King Suite at the wonderful hotel! =-)

Yes, I am in F-I-N-E form, people! I'm feelin' good. =-)

Anyway, I did take 1 (one) picture for your "enjoyment":

We had a great supper tonight, and we even ordered dessert...


I thought of taking a picture for your enjoyment.


I was a *little* too inebriated (sp?) to think soon enough to get a picture you'd like to see.

We finished the dessert and...

Well, it was Pumpkin Cheesecake, and




Wish you could have been there!



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you many more!

    (Did you put a webcam in the shower?) haha!

  2. A Very Happy Anniversary!

  3. " . . . King suite with a shower huge enough for him, me, and EACH one of you reading this!"

    (applause) This woman has her priorities in order . . . hope you had a wonderful anniversary!