Thursday, May 27, 2010


(Sorry, but this is a picture-less post.  Partial rant, partial plea for good happenings, and all about my Dad.  Feel free to skip this one!)

My Daddy's back in the hospital.
If you didn't read that previous post, he had a motorcycle wreck back in March.  He was wearing his helmet, but he hit his head pretty hard in the fall.
However he didn't tell anybody he was having headaches 'til he could barely STAND them!  Z (my little sis who lives with him) took him to the E.R.  They did a CT scan and said he'd had bleeding on his brain, to take it easy, and then let him go home.

Well, the next day he started throwing up.
Z took him back to the E.R.  They did another scan, said he had fresh bleeding on his brain, and admitted him.  Kept him a few nights, did another scan, said he didn't have any more bleeding and let him go home.
He took it easy for a few days, felt a little better (OR NOT!), went back to work a few days after that.  (He still works full time, people!)

He was still having headaches, but he didn't tell anybody just how BAD they  were!  He kept ignoring them!  He went to ONE doctor's appointment, had a scan, listened to the doc tell him that they wanted to keep an eye on things, but then decided
he didn't like that doc and wasn't going back!

My little sister couldn't convince him to go back to the doctor.
I was staying out of it because Daddy had already FUSSED at me about how he wasn't an invalid and how he didn't need to be BABIED.

Well, a couple of days ago, Z told me how Daddy had fallen a couple of times.  I told my big sister, who told my oldest brother.  He's a doctor.  He called Daddy and convinced him that he really should go see his doctor.
Daddy finally went back to his doc who did a scan and told him something like
"It's not just worse, it's a HELL OF A LOT WORSE!  Go to the E.R. now.  They're expecting you."

So my Daddy's in the hospital.  For some reason, they're going to wait until Friday to drill a hole (or TWO) into his skull to drain the fluid.

My Daddy is sleeping in the ICU.

I had to sit here for a minute and take a few deep breaths after saying that.

I'm so worried about him. 
I'm wondering why i didn't do lots of things.
But at least now he's where he needs to be.

I've called my big sister and my second brother, and they're coming on Friday.  My little sister and i are the only ones who live in the same town as my Dad.  The other three live in various places in NC.  Not sure if my oldest brother's coming or not.  My older sister talked to him.

I don't know. 
I'm trying to go on with my day.
We'll see if i can get through yoga without worrying about him.  That'll be a feat!  =-)

I hope YOUR day is going smoother!

Take a deep, long, cleansing breath.
Smile at the sky.
Listen to the birds singing.
Watch the trees gently sway in the breezes.

Life goes on, and we must live it while we're here.

I hope you have a very pleasant day filled with those you love.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Needle Case

I made this a month or three ago and never blogged about it, so i thought i'd share it with you today.

I got the cute little embroidery pattern from Cinderberrystitches.  It's a cute little freebie she had (has?).  I just loved it!  I wasn't even thinking about making a needle case until i saw her cute little pattern. (And FREE is always a good thing!)  I only used her embroidery pattern; i figured out the needle case size & what-not on my own.  I also changed the front pattern a tiny bit; if i remember correctly, the front had a word on it, but i left it out and continued the circle. 
I think all of her embroidery items are just so adorable!  Have you seen her "Flat Nat"?  Cutest ever!  (Go check it out if you haven't already.)

Okay!  Enough rambling!  Here are the other pictures Bunny took for me on that bright, sunny day:


(Inside: Embroidery, Cheater, Miscellaneous)

(Back) (And i have NO idea why it insists on posting sideways!!!)

Just a little detail:  my base fabric is a "recycled" batik skirt fabric; the circles are a white dotted cotton; DMC embroidery threads (3-strand, if i recall correctly); machine blanket stitch around the circles (and i was SO tickled with that!).
So, go look at Cinderberry Stitches' stuff!  It's all adorable!

Fine Print:  I will receive NO compensation from this "endorsement"!!!

Hope you have a GREAT day!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue WaveRunner

Wow!  It's been awhile since i posted on here.  My "QuiltPorn" blog has me fairly busy, what with looking through photos on a daily basis, writing to ask permission from the artists, copy-n-pasting, and what-all.  But it's all good!  =-) 

Besides...  * I'm lovin' the daily inspirations! 

And, apparently, so are others.  =-)  I've only been "live" 13 days, and i already have 16 Followers.  Yay!  I'm hoping that blog will "go somewhere"...  "Become something." 
...i'm not sure where or what yet, but that's what makes it a work-in-progress, right?


My Blue WaveRunner!!!

I finished it May 7th, 2010!  (that's for posterity's sake)

Thank you so much Bunny, for taking the pix for me (in the beautiful Sunshine)!

Blue WaveRunner (Front):
inspired by BumbleBeans

(Yes, that is a lone Red strip, thank you!)

(Quilted this way because of the Back...)

And the Back:

Once again, this is not how i pictured it in my mind's eye...
But... why does that not surprise me?!
These things *never* seem to look how i think they should...

I'm not really happy with the quilting inside the wave...
I'm thinking about taking it out...
And maybe doing it...
by HAND! [gasp!]

So there it is. 
It's supposed to go to a friend named Carlos...
But i can't help thinking how
   Blue is my favorite color...
   i've never made a quilt for myself...
   i'll most likely never see this quilt again if i mail it off to Guatemala...

I think i'll at least hang onto it until September and maybe enter it in my local Quilt Guild show...
That'll give me time to think about it.

Take care of yourself!  And of those you love!

Thanks for stopping by!  =-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tell Your Mama "Hey"

I finished my Blue WaveRunner yesterday!!!
I know it's been a long while since i've quilted and/or posted about a quilt...
Sorry.  But i haven't been home a lot, and when i have been home, i haven't really felt like quilting...
And did i mention that i started a new blog? !
I'm posting a quilt a day, and they're NOT my quilts.
Just quilts that have "It" for me.
Quilts i look at and love *instantly*.

I finished Blue WaveRunner!!!
I just need to take pictures of it, make a label, and decide if i'm going to enter it in the local quilt show...
Plus, i originally made if for someone... but now... i'm thinking about keeping it for myself:
a.)  I didn't tell the friend that i'm making this quilt for him.
b.)  I really, really like it and
c.)   if i give it to him, I will most likely *never* see it again!  (He lives in Guatemala, and i don't think i'll ever be able to go there.)

So i have some thinking to do.

Anyway, it's Mother's Day, so

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there!
Call your Mom and tell her you love her!
(Even if she pisses you off sometimes.  We're only human too, you know.)

I already called mine.  She said Happy Mother's Day to you too!


Monday, May 3, 2010


I've started a new blog. 
It's called


It's just pictures of quilts with links to the quilter and site where i saw the quilt.  I intend for it to be a (mostly) wordless blog.  Just pictures.
Quilts to admire and drool over.
Quilts to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over.
Quilts to see without all the how's and why's of it all.
Quilts in all their beauty.

Sort of like when a guy picks up a men's magazine and skips straight to the centerfold to simply ogle the beauty there.

I just wanna look at quilts, and i figure there are *bound* to be others out there who wanna do the same. Right?!

So, please go check it out!  See what you think!  Offer suggestions of beautiful quilts you've seen! 
Keep in mind, though, that it's just a Baby right now.
Come back in six months and you'll be able to spend hours perusing its beauty.  Or check in everyday and it won't take you forever at one sitting.  =-)

Thanks for your support.