Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue WaveRunner

Wow!  It's been awhile since i posted on here.  My "QuiltPorn" blog has me fairly busy, what with looking through photos on a daily basis, writing to ask permission from the artists, copy-n-pasting, and what-all.  But it's all good!  =-) 

Besides...  * I'm lovin' the daily inspirations! 

And, apparently, so are others.  =-)  I've only been "live" 13 days, and i already have 16 Followers.  Yay!  I'm hoping that blog will "go somewhere"...  "Become something." 
...i'm not sure where or what yet, but that's what makes it a work-in-progress, right?


My Blue WaveRunner!!!

I finished it May 7th, 2010!  (that's for posterity's sake)

Thank you so much Bunny, for taking the pix for me (in the beautiful Sunshine)!

Blue WaveRunner (Front):
inspired by BumbleBeans

(Yes, that is a lone Red strip, thank you!)

(Quilted this way because of the Back...)

And the Back:

Once again, this is not how i pictured it in my mind's eye...
But... why does that not surprise me?!
These things *never* seem to look how i think they should...

I'm not really happy with the quilting inside the wave...
I'm thinking about taking it out...
And maybe doing it...
by HAND! [gasp!]

So there it is. 
It's supposed to go to a friend named Carlos...
But i can't help thinking how
   Blue is my favorite color...
   i've never made a quilt for myself...
   i'll most likely never see this quilt again if i mail it off to Guatemala...

I think i'll at least hang onto it until September and maybe enter it in my local Quilt Guild show...
That'll give me time to think about it.

Take care of yourself!  And of those you love!

Thanks for stopping by!  =-)


  1. You know, I really don't usually have an interest in quilts and stuff like this, but I will tell you that it looks very very nice!

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for stopping by. I've found Suzanne and Chickens in the Road already (and she certainly has chickens!) and it's a worthwhile read. She's funny! And you're right, the best recipes - except I do a bit of converting into kiwi ingredients (like what the heck is corn syrup, anyway?!)

    I like your lone red stripe - finishes it nicely. did you free motion quilt the inside of the wave? Maybe you could mark the spiral how you want it and then quilt it? ('cause you know hand-quilting takes ages, right?!)

  3. I love the front of this quilt, particularly the red stripe. I have no clue how you did the back!! The blues are fantastic.

  4. That quilt is appropriately named! I love it! It is unique with the back being so different. I love the curve of the wave. SOOO cool! And I love the pattern in the front!

  5. Wanna go to the beach now . . . . excellent!


  6. I love the front with the lone red piece but I am totally in awe of the is so beautiful! great job, I think you should keep it for a while.