Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Windy" by The Association

Here's my latest creation!

When i was little, there was a popular song by The Association called "Windy". Well, since i was little, and since my name is Wendy (i'm from the South, so it's pronounced the SAME!), i thought this song was about ME! =-)

I was thinking about that song a few months ago, and i had the idea to create a small wall-hanging quilt about that song...

A funny thing happened while i was working on it, though... It somehow morphed into being about my creativity.

There are many days that i don't feel like i have any creativity. I usually rely on other people's art to help inspire me to make something... Something that's a "morph" of something someone else made, i guess. That, or i simply order a pattern with the fabrics already included in the kit.

But with THIS little quilt, the ideas just came to me... and i just sort-of ran with it. The original drawing i sketched for it grew as i was sewing it.

Oh, i'm sorry.

I'm rambling too much.

That usually happens when i've had coffee. I typically don't talk very much, but when i have coffee (*maybe* once a week!), i can't help myself. I just talk and talk and talk. I even talk to MYSELF in public if it's strong coffee! [rolling eyes]

Anyway, here are a few pictures for you...

It's already hanging up in my bathroom. I still need to make a label & sleeve for it:

It's a hill with a small city on top, and a road going through the city. There's Windy flying among the clouds. There are roses on the hillside.

This is a closer photo. You can see it says "And Windy has" "Wings to Fly" 'cause that's in the song... I guess you might want me to post the lyrics... I'm not sure about that... It's copyright-ed, so i'm not sure if i'll get in trouble for posting the lyrics or not... You can Google "Windy by the Association" if you're really interested, i guess. Sorry. Big Chicken, that's my name! =-)

I embroidered this little piece, and the "rock" is a bead. There are 7 scattered about.

The dashed line in the road is embroidery floss. The flowers have floss too. and the beads hanging on the bottom are handmade by me out of Fimo clay. I made them YEARS ago.

So that's my latest finished project!

I'm still working on the Blue WaveRunner (& i use "working" loosely, as it's been folded & waiting patiently for me to figure out HOW to finish it!), and i've started A Tisket A Tasket BOM from Bunny Hill Designs. I'm doing that one "with" my Guild. PLUS i have a Quilt Challenge from my Guild that's waiting on me to get started on...

I'd better get workin'!



  1. Awesome! "Windy" came out the year before I did, and my Mom almost named me after it.

    This is great - it looks really bright and trippy like the song sounds.

  2. I adore this's so pretty and creative! I think it'd be a perfect wall hanging in a kids' room.