Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh Well...

I'm off once again. Boyfriend & i are headed to Virginia this morning. My Pop-in-law is in a nursing home, and my Mom-in-law is sick so she's not going to see him. That presents a problem for her 'cause she goes there EVERY day, for MOST of the day, but she doesn't want to get him sick 'cause he has enough crap to deal with now.
My PIL has Parkinsonism (some docs say Parkinsons & some say Parkinsonism. I don't know what the difference is...), and he also has brain atrophy. It means his brain is shrinking. With the Parkinsons, his limbs are getting shaky and stiff, and with the atrophy, he's losing the ability to swallow, getting demensia, etc. He doesn't remember his son & daughters anymore. It's really sad...

Every time i go to that nursing home, though, i just wanna cry. And sometimes when i'm sitting there all day, i just wanna vomit.
I'm sorry to be dumping this on you, but i feel like i have to be "the strong one" for my husband, so i try not to tell him about it. I'm sure that if i'm feeling like this, HE'S feeling it WAAAAY more.

...and then i think how, since my Mom has Alzheimer's... one day she not remember who I am.
And now i may start crying.
It's just terrible that the people you hold so close and dear all your life may have to one day face all this horrible shit! I look at my daughters and tell them that if i ever forget them, i want them to know that IS NOT MY INTENTION!!!

Okay! Now that i've cheered everyone up!
I'm sorry.
I started this simply to let you know that i'll be out of town today, and possibly tomorrow.
Plus, i worked a WEE bit on the Blue WaveRunner yesterday.
AND i worked on the label for the 60s Song wall hanging, and i'm really *thrilled* with it. I'll have to "borrow" a camera to let you see it.
I also got a jelly roll to start on a new baby quilt.
No. Nobody i know is having a baby, but it's for the future. =-)

So that's what's up in my little world.
I hope everything is going Great for YOU! =-)

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  1. Just a few words. Take each day as it comes, for (as my Mother would say me)...'this too shall pass'. I have been through over 9 years of my Dad's last living relative going through Alzheimer's. There were days that I wanted to pull my hair, but there were also some of the funniest memories. Those are the things I hold on to. And as all advice goes....that is easy for me to say, but I also had to live through it. At the end of your rope....tie a knot and talk it out, do some quiet time with something you love....'For this too shall pass'. Good luck and look for the rays of sun through the clouds.