Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween (And Yes, I Know I'm 2 Days Early)!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween!

And Dressing Up!

(Which is a little bit surprising, because i'm usually so serious about things.)

But Boyfriend and i went to TWO Halloween parties this past Saturday evening:
one was a friend of mine, and the other was a co-worker of Boyfriend's.
We had a fun time at both, but i think i had more fun at the co-worker's 'cause there was Dancing!  

I love to dance!

And Dancing *while* dressed up?!?!
Bonus!!!   (Unless it's a cumbersome costume, of course.)

We went as Pirates, though looking at the picture, Boyfriend certainly looks more like a pirate than i do...  But we had fun!!!  And isn't that what it's all about, anyway?  =-)
Me & Boyfriend, Halloween 2012
Just before going out!

(Thank you Kitty for letting me borrow the dress & tutu!)   =-)

I can't remember if i blogged about it, but i dressed up a couple of weekends back to go to the local Renaissance Festival with my daughters.  Kitty & i *usually* dress up when we go to Ren Fest.  We LOVE it!  I think we love it *because* of all the costumes.  =-)  Tons of people dress up, and when it first began, most people were mainly into "authentic" costumes.  You know, dress that was accurate to the period.  No zippers or plastic or anything like that, 'cause that stuff hadn't been invented yet.
But now?!  Now, most people kinda throw together whatever they feel like, and wear *that* to the Ren Fest.  
And I LOVE IT!!!
I'm *not* against "authenticity" by any means!
But if i don't have the time, or the money, or the desire, or the *what-have-you* to acquire an "authentic" costume, i don't think *that* should stop me from dressing up and having fun and being HAPPY at the Ren Fest!!!
It may be just me.

Here's a picture of me with a friend:


Well CRAP!  I thought i had a picture of us on my computer, but apparently my daughter sent it to me in a text message...  So *now* i'll have to figure out how to get it off of my phone and onto my computer!!!'s gonna be awhile...
Please don't wait.
And REALLY don't hold your breath!

How about an old one of Boyfriend & me on a Halloween about 5 to 7 years ago?

An Old-fashioned Gangster & his Flapper

Hmmm...  That's funny.  Allllll the times i've dressed up for Halloween, and i can't find any pictures?!?!  Guess i'll have to do a bit of research on this subject...
'Cause i *know* we've had pictures taken of us!!!

><> ><> ><> ><> <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

I've been thinking lately about compliments & critiques...
Why is it that it's easier for us to "accept" a critique than it is 
to accept a compliment?

When someone tells me "Your hair's a mess." i hear and accept it without a second's hesitation, and i get this internal dialogue going about what a mess my hair really is.
But when someone tells me, "I love your hair!" i get all this internal dialogue about what a mess my hair really is.  It's almost as if i never even *heard*  the compliment!

And i'm only using my hair as an example here.
It's the same thing with *ANY* compliment/critique.
I'm sure it probably has something to do with survival, and needing to evaluate ourselves in order to "better" ourselves along the journey, but really?  We've taken to criticizing ourselves too much!

We take the Negative to heart, and allow the Positive to be brushed off so easily.

So, here's something for you (and me) to try.
When someone gives you a compliment - about *anything!* - try to Honestly *hear* it.  
Maybe even repeat what the person says!

And also?  Allow the Adult-you to talk to the Child-you, to nurture the Child-you, to comfort the Child-you.  
Allow the Adult-you to compliment the Child-you, and allow the Child to 
Truly Hear the compliment - to receive it.
We need to stop putting ourselves down.
We need to start patting ourselves on the back a bit.

We need to show ourselves Love.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!
I'll try to figure out how to get that other picture on my computer so you can see it too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Keep Meaning to Write a Post...

I keep wanting to write a post...
I keep thinking about writing a post...
I keep thinking i *should* write a post...

But i just don't have loads to say lately.
I mean that in real life, too.  I've never been a very talkative person.
But i feel lately like i'm a little extra quiet.
Not sure what's going on in there, but, that's my Truth today.

Last week...
Last Tuesday, my sister-in-law had surgery for Breast Cancer.
She has/had Stage 2a breast cancer on her right side.
My Dad left last Monday to help them out - to be there for my brother, his wife, and their 14 y.o. son.  He's gonna stay for a month or two.
He's Awesome.

I've been thinking about her all last week, and a ton this week.
I want to send her e-mails, but i don't want to intrude or bother her.
I want to call, and go see her...  But i hesitate.

I'm not sure if i'd want "visitors" if it was me.

I sent her an email a few weeks ago, telling her that i've been thinking about her, and that i've been sending her Energy and Good Vibes, and dedicating my Yoga practice to her for 2 weeks now.

I have no idea if it helps her, but i think it helps me to feel a little better about the situation.

And with her on my mind so much lately, and everything on tv about Breast Cancer Awareness month, i remembered that i haven't had my mammogram yet this year, so i scheduled that.
It's tomorrow.
I hope i don't cry.
For some reason, i feel a little like crying for my sister-in-law.
I wonder if she had reconstructive surgery, or if she's gonna be a "uni-boob", like Melanie Testa's been talking about lately.

When i first heard from my brother about T (my sister-in-law), i immediately felt "She's gonna be fine.  It will all turn out okay."
And now?  Now i feel like mourning a bit.

I'm sort of in a weird place today.
Maybe it's not the best day for me to post.

But i had a bit of time, so i thought i would. 

<>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> 

I've been cooking a bit lately!
I made the best Crock Pot Chicken a few days ago.  Ohmygod, Delicious!!!
Got the recipe from 100 Days of Real Food.
You should *so* try it!  Seriously!
And i also made the Chicken Stock that night, and freezed it the next morning.
SO so delicious!!!  *And* it was easy!  Can't beat that!  =-)
And i used the Chicken Stock yesterday and made her Butternut Squash Soup, and, *oh* *my* *word* it was awesome!!!
I didn't even know if i liked Butternut Squash.  (rolling eyes)
But i guess i do!  =-)

You should at least look around her site.
Too much wheat for me, but tons of other great recipes, menu plans, tips and hints, nice photos, and tons of information!

...maybe i'll go to the Farmers Market tomorrow.

I hope you're having a WONDERFUL DAY!!!