Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh! My!!!

If you quilt, or if you're even *thinking* about quilting (or if you're just wondering how it's done), you absolutely MUST go here !!! (I hope that link works right! I'm so challenged. ::rolling eyes::)

It's a blog by Leah Day who is attempting to do 365 days of free-motion quilting... Nope, not just quilting the same thing over and over, but a DIFFERENT free-motion design each day for a year!!!

I know, crazy, right?

Crazy Clever!!!

I discovered this blog earlier today, and now I'm spending most of my morning looking around it. (She has video and everything.)

I hope you find it as spectacular as I do!

I'm off to go drool and oogle some more...!

OH!!! And just in case you're wondering...
I took the huge quilt (that I'm making for Bunny) to a professional last night.
I'm nervous and scared, but also completely elated about it!
Now I don't have to try to cram that huge thing up under the tiny arm of my own beloved sewing machine.

It's a relief, but it's also guilt-inducing!

When I mentioned to Bunny that I was thinking about taking her quilt to a long-arm-professional, she got this sad, lower-lip-poked-out look. She said it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't do the quilting, but honestly? I put so much of my time, attention, creativity, and *blood* (really!) into that appliqued behemoth that I'm relieved to hand it to someone else to do the quilting on it.

Maybe she won't notice? Yeah, right!

Gotta go drive the bus. Ya'll take care! =-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Little Engine Said...

"I think I can,
I think I can."

I continue to work on Bunny's applique'-ed quilt. It's slow going because I'm only working on it while she's out of the house, which, lately? Hasn't been a whole lot. (...I'm silently wondering if everything's alright between her and her boyfriend... Whatever. She'll let me know if she needs to talk.)

So here's an old picture of it.

It's changed a bit since I took the photos, but this one will have to do for now. =-) I'll post new pics once I get it quilted. Promise!

Actually, I think I've finished it!

Correction: I think I've finished the part *I* am doing.
I'm going to take it to a professional long-arm quilter to see if she can actually quilt it for me. I spoke with her on the phone yesterday, and I have an appointment to see her this coming Wednesday evening.
I'm sooo excited!!! And nervous! But looking forward to it all the same. =-) Anyway...

It's just too damn BIG for me to want to try to stuff the bulk of it under the tiny arm of my sewing machine.

Bunny doesn't want me to send it off to be quilted, but...
Honestly? It's just too much of a chore for me.

Matter of fact, now that I've made the decision to take it to a professional, it's like I've had a load taken off my shoulders. I've even gotten Lottie's quilt back out and I'm working on it today! All I need to do is lay the backing out, layer the batting and the top, baste it all together, and then do the quilting on it. That really won't take long once I begin, because I'm basically going to stitch "in the ditch". Easy-peasy, as someone once said. =-)

Here's a "reminder" photo of it. Again, I'll post updated pics when I get it finished. =-)

In other "news", Boyfriend isn't feeling well today. He started sneezing a lot last night, and then his nose began getting stuffy. This morning he got a cough and he's feeling very run down.

We *were* going to see his parents today, but we decided they didn't need to be exposed to his bug, so here we sit today. Me quilting, him watching football in a lump on the couch. He really doesn't feel good.
...oh, he's not really *really* sick, 'cause he's still well enough to want to play with my boobs, but he's sick enough that he doesn't have the energy to get up off the couch to *try*. Lol! =-)

Gotta love him. =-)

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful Fall weather!
It's absolutely gorgeous here!
I love it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't ...

I don't blog every day. (That's obvious!)

I don't blog every week.

Hell, I don't even blog every *month* if I don't have anything to show you or something to say!

I'm not clever like Pat...

I'm not inventive like Otin...

I don't have enough comments to have a "comment of the day" like Sane without Drugs...

I don't have any amazing real-life stories like Mango Girl...

I don't have any chickens or sheep or reeeeeally adorable dogs like Front Porch Indiana...

I don't have mad painting skills like Gypsy Mare...

And I DEFINITELY don't have a Kindergarten class like Vodka Mom!

So please tell me Otin...

I'll update about the quilt as soon as something happens with it.