Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh! My!!!

If you quilt, or if you're even *thinking* about quilting (or if you're just wondering how it's done), you absolutely MUST go here !!! (I hope that link works right! I'm so challenged. ::rolling eyes::)

It's a blog by Leah Day who is attempting to do 365 days of free-motion quilting... Nope, not just quilting the same thing over and over, but a DIFFERENT free-motion design each day for a year!!!

I know, crazy, right?

Crazy Clever!!!

I discovered this blog earlier today, and now I'm spending most of my morning looking around it. (She has video and everything.)

I hope you find it as spectacular as I do!

I'm off to go drool and oogle some more...!

OH!!! And just in case you're wondering...
I took the huge quilt (that I'm making for Bunny) to a professional last night.
I'm nervous and scared, but also completely elated about it!
Now I don't have to try to cram that huge thing up under the tiny arm of my own beloved sewing machine.

It's a relief, but it's also guilt-inducing!

When I mentioned to Bunny that I was thinking about taking her quilt to a long-arm-professional, she got this sad, lower-lip-poked-out look. She said it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't do the quilting, but honestly? I put so much of my time, attention, creativity, and *blood* (really!) into that appliqued behemoth that I'm relieved to hand it to someone else to do the quilting on it.

Maybe she won't notice? Yeah, right!

Gotta go drive the bus. Ya'll take care! =-)


  1. Last month in Atlanta, my daughter took me to a quilt shop and we used a long arm quilter to finish three quilts....OMG....i'll never be the same!!! Next week i'm going to Taylorville and talk with a dealer...i must be crazy!! Thanks for the tip on the new blogsite....Enjoy, LindaMay

  2. WTF am I going to say about a quilt!? lol I just stopped by to say hi!

  3. LindaMay, I'm jealous!

    Otin, I don't know! But thanks for stopping by anyway. =-)