Thursday, January 28, 2010

Workin' On "Stuff"

I know it looks like I follow a LOT of people...

Okay. One hundred IS a lot of people.
But I'm kinda goin' through something over here.
I'm looking at a lot of quilts, handmade journals, and etcetera.
I'm searching through loads of fiber-related blogs.
I'm exploring some things in my head.

I... think I'm going into a phase... An Art phase.
An "exploring in myself" phase.

First I did the Values quilt. I wanted to try that 'cause it looked like a bit of a challenge for me... I didn't know anything about "color values".
I've never had ANY art classes.
Sometimes I feel like I NEED art classes.
Sometimes I feel like I have no creativity... That it's *gone*... from lack of using, trying, exploring.
I never really knew how to express myself in "Art". I thought I needed "formal" training to experiment, really.
But now...?

Now I'm starting to think that *I* can try.
I can explore.
I can think for myself.
I can try different "things"... fabric, thread, buttons, beads, etc

Looking at all of these blogs, I have discovered that there are some people who have "it". Lots of people *want* "it", but they don't all have "it".

But I'm discovering
I can explore to my heart's content and

I'm gonna try!
I am going to attempt to listen... to myself... to the fabric (even though I think that sounds "hokey" as HELL!)... to nature... to other artists... to EVERYTHING and anything!

I'm currently working on two projects. [GAAASP!!!]
I know! I don't usually do that. I used to try doing that, and never really completed anything.
But I've grown since then.

I'm working on two projects right now... The WaveRunner quilt, and something that's


I have loved a song since I first heard it as a child in the 'Sixties.
Anyway, I'm working on a small-ish applique piece that's sort-of based on that song. It's coming along nicely, and I'm satisfied with it so far...
Pictures won't be here until I get it finished.
As usual. ;-)

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!

A post with no pictures.
Boring, huh.
I apologize. But nothing seemed to "fit".

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Values Quilt" finished! (Thanks V!)

V of Bumble Beans posted what she calls a "Values Quilt" a few months back, and I was intrigued.

I also thought it might be a good way to use up some of that fabric I have upstairs that I may never use. (Where did all that stuff come from, anyway?)

I also was looking for something to make for the Cuddle Quilt project the Guild does that I'll be joining this month...

I also thought it would be a good challenge.

It measures 45" x 45", is made from various fabrics on the front (all cotton),
the backing is simply muslin,
the binding is something that's not "just cotton", and
the quilting is my first true attempt at Free-Motion Quilting! (What do you think, Leah?!)

Sorry. The pictures could be better, but it's too friggin' cold out, the sun isn't out anyway, and Bunny isn't here. (First day of classes for her new semester!)

Anyway... here it is:

Isn't it pretty?!
I'm always excited when I get a new quilt finished! =-)

This one is called a "values quilt" because of the "value" of the color, not the color itself. Yeah. I had a bit of a hard time understanding that one myself. I have NO formal art training what-so-ever, so this was new to me...

But then, after I got the front all pieced, I had the top laying out on the living room floor, and when I saw it in the near-darkness? THEN I finally understood "color value"! (It was too late then, though, 'cause I wasn't about to rip it apart and start over!)

Here, let me show you.
I've adjusted the color so it's only shades of grey, so this way you can see only the "value" of the colors. (One blog I looked at with a Values Quilt said she copies the fabric on her printer in black & white to help her determine the color value... but I didn't want to waste all that paper... But I've learned a lot for "next time"!) =-)

Anyway, when you convert it to shades of grey, you can then tell which fabrics are dark and which ones are light.

Cool, huh? =-)

Since I was originally having a difficult time with it, I sort of cheated and used lots of whites for my light values... Oh well.

Anyway, here's the back with my attempt at FMQ:

Kinda difficult to see. I know. Sorry. "Hey Bunny! I need your help!" ::crickets::


And closer:

So now the "fun" part will be seeing if I hang it up on the wall somewhere, or go ahead and give it up for the Cuddle Quilt Project. But Kitty says I say that everytime I finish a quilt: ::whining::"I don't know if I can give it away."

Well, that's about it for today.

I hope you're having a great week! Mine's going well so far. I just need to learn to focus better on things, and keep track of time better.

...Hmmm... Maybe I need to set alarms for various times and tasks throughout the day...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've done some chores around the house, and then I started pin-basting the Values quilt...
but I chickened-out on free-motion quilting it today, so I got a big square of fabric/batting/fabric and did some practicing.
It's not bad, but I'm not sure it's what I'm wanting for this quilt.
(Sorry. That's not the Values quilt above. It's a close-up of Bunny's quilt!)
Anyway, I like what I quilted, but...
I still need practice.
I'll have to dig around upstairs to see if I can find some fabric and more batting to do more practicing.
This morning in my blog-browsing, I ran across this site. It seems neat and I'd like to explore it more 'cause I think it has Quilting Potential!
Yes, I'm becoming obsessed and seeing quilts/quilting in lots of things. =-)
I'm thinking that can't be a bad thing... right?!