Thursday, January 28, 2010

Workin' On "Stuff"

I know it looks like I follow a LOT of people...

Okay. One hundred IS a lot of people.
But I'm kinda goin' through something over here.
I'm looking at a lot of quilts, handmade journals, and etcetera.
I'm searching through loads of fiber-related blogs.
I'm exploring some things in my head.

I... think I'm going into a phase... An Art phase.
An "exploring in myself" phase.

First I did the Values quilt. I wanted to try that 'cause it looked like a bit of a challenge for me... I didn't know anything about "color values".
I've never had ANY art classes.
Sometimes I feel like I NEED art classes.
Sometimes I feel like I have no creativity... That it's *gone*... from lack of using, trying, exploring.
I never really knew how to express myself in "Art". I thought I needed "formal" training to experiment, really.
But now...?

Now I'm starting to think that *I* can try.
I can explore.
I can think for myself.
I can try different "things"... fabric, thread, buttons, beads, etc

Looking at all of these blogs, I have discovered that there are some people who have "it". Lots of people *want* "it", but they don't all have "it".

But I'm discovering
I can explore to my heart's content and

I'm gonna try!
I am going to attempt to listen... to myself... to the fabric (even though I think that sounds "hokey" as HELL!)... to nature... to other artists... to EVERYTHING and anything!

I'm currently working on two projects. [GAAASP!!!]
I know! I don't usually do that. I used to try doing that, and never really completed anything.
But I've grown since then.

I'm working on two projects right now... The WaveRunner quilt, and something that's


I have loved a song since I first heard it as a child in the 'Sixties.
Anyway, I'm working on a small-ish applique piece that's sort-of based on that song. It's coming along nicely, and I'm satisfied with it so far...
Pictures won't be here until I get it finished.
As usual. ;-)

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!

A post with no pictures.
Boring, huh.
I apologize. But nothing seemed to "fit".


  1. What song????

    I have never had any "art training" per se, either. Mine comes from the heart...I can tell from your posts and pictures, yours does as well!

    I want to know the song!!! I have a perpetual juke box in my head.

    xo, Mango

  2. Yay! Another "I swear I'm not artistic, but look at all the pretty stuff I can make!" type of gal! I love it!

  3. you are going to love it because there are no rules!!!! it is really freeing to just let something lead you where it wants to go....cant wait to see what you make...melinda