Monday, February 8, 2010

...Who Dat?!

The New Orleans Saints won the SuperBowl last night. I really didn't care who won, but i have friends of the family who live there, so why not root for 'em?


I've been looking around BlogLand and decided if i want more followers, i should post more often. Makes sense i guess. It seems to be what successful bloggers do. =-)

I've also decided i need to re-vamp my sewing area, move it, organize it, and get ALL my sewing-related stuff in one place.

With those two things in mind (blogging more often & re-organizing), i guess i'll post about my organizing/moving stuff.

I'll need to borrow "somebody's" camera, 'cause these posts are gonna need pictures!

Back soon (next Monday, maybe?) with pictures!
In the meantime, here's ONE place where my sewing stuff *used* to be. (I move furniture around pretty regularly...)
I have more stuff now, and I sew A LOT more regularly too...
Just sayin'! =-)

Oh! This *was* in my bedroom...

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