Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day Late...

Well, of course, the "best laid plans" have been "laid to the side".

I had planned to have a post about moving my sewing stuff all to one room, with pictures and everything, and even post about my FINISHED wall hanging! But my husband and i had to leave town, so... none of that today. Plus, I'm a day late 'cause i had planned on posting every Monday, but... Oh well.

My Father-in-law was admitted to the hospital on Monday (the 8th?), and Boyfriend & i went to Virginia on Saturday (the 13th). There wasn't much we could do other than sit around in the hospital room last week, or so Boyfriend thought. So now we are still in Virginia... sitting around in a hospital room...

But my Mom-in-law is happy that we are here and able to help her handle decisions and other stuff. Pop-in-law is doing well, all things considered. He has Parkinsonism, brain atrophy (shrinking), and dementia, as i posted about many months ago.

Anyway, I wanted to touch base with you. Keep you up to date. Let you know i haven't forgotten about any of you. =-)
I'm hoping we'll go back home on Friday or Saturday (the 19th or 20th), finish organizing and moving, and take more pictures, and post about it all for you.

'Til then...
Take Care!!!

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  1. I hope that you have a safe ride with all this snow! My best wishes toward your FIL!