Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well... Finally!

I thought, since it's a New Year... a "new beginning"... that today would be a good day to finally post about my Beaded Cuff.

I've been working on it, off and on, for a *while* now.  =-)
Don't ask me how long it took to bead it...  I really don't know. 
I don't keep up with that kind of thing when i'm on a project.

My husband would be good at that type of thing, though.
...but i didn't ask him at the beginning of this project, to do that for me, so...
Sorry.  Just suffice to say that it took 
"a while".  =-)

Part of the reason for that is that there were plenty of times where the cuff simply *sat* on my desk... waiting...  

Waiting for me to pick it up again.

Then, there were those times when i worked on it for *hours* at a time:
boring days,
and most especially on those 4-hour rides to Beaufort, SC to see my Mom.
*Lots* of productive time then!

Before i let you see it (assuming you haven't already scrolled down of your own accord!) please allow me to babble a bit.  =-)

I don't remember how i got the idea for this thing, but once i did, i just *had* to make it.  =-)

I have some crushed velvet in my stash that i've had for a looong time.  
I don't even remember where it came from, or how long i've had it.  I *think* i got it when i used to make purses/bags.  
I got the idea to use up some of these beads i have lying around in my cabinet.  
(I've had them a long time too.  I've always wanted to do something with them, but never knew *what*...) 

I decided i wanted to make me a beaded cuff on that velvet.
(I guess i must tell you that it's not *really* velvet... but i don't know what it is, so... it's "velvet", okay?)
I originally thought i'd use a Coke can as the "underbelly"... the "base"... the "stabilizer" for the cuff,but as i went on with the project, i found out i didn't really wanna do it that way.

Pause some more.

Talk to friends about "what to do", "what to do".

My friend Pat (from the Y) suggested what i should use to "stiffen" up the "innards" like i was thinking i should.  I forget what the stuff is called, but it was BRIGHT yellow.  I mean brighter than Highlighter Yellow!  And it was kinda canvas-like, and kinda hole-y.  I dunno what it was, but it was some Embroidery or Crewel material that's a bit stiff.
Thanks Pat!  =-)

And, Yes.
I individually hand-sewed *each* and *every* bead onto the "velvet".

Yes. It took a long time.
It took a very long time.

I enjoyed it.
For some people, it would drive them batty.
But for me, i truly enjoyed it.  

It's a time to slow down.
A time to think about other things.
A time to relax into a soothing rhythm of string bead, poke needle, pull thread, tie knot, poke needle, pull thread.  Repeat.

For someone like me, anyway.  =-)

And once i finally completed the beading, it was so wonderful!
Satisfying that i accomplished such a "daunting" task; a project i've never really tried before.   

And this is something that's "All Me"!

I didn't have any type of "pattern".
No Tutorial or Instructions from anyone else.
No Pattern whatsoever!

This one is "All Me", Baby!  =-)

So, please enjoy!   =-)

Wendy's Beaded Cuff in the late afternoon Sun
But... See that little "string" up there?
On the upper Left?
That's where a bead has already been broken off!
Can you believe it?!  I've only worn it like 3 or 4 times, and
i've already *broken* it!
I think i can fix it, though.
And i'm STILL wearing it!
ONE little broke-off bead is NOT gonna make me STOP wearing it!
I love it too much.

Yep.  There's that little "string"...
Taunting me again
"Nah-nah, nah-nah, nah!" and sticking its tongue out at me.
Well, i'm STILL wearing it, so

 Why, yes, it *does* close with Snaps!    (I  originally thought about Velcro, but changed my mind)

 See?!  Those *are* Snaps.  =-)

 And the Inside shot...

 The Centerfold Shot  =-)
(Does this count as "Porn"?)

I've "busted" a bead off of it already!
I'll have to see if i can fix that before any more come off!
But i  love it anyway!  =-)

So, i hope you've enjoyed this post!
I'm pretty proud of my Beaded Cuff (if you couldn't already tell).  =-)
And it goes with pretty much *everything*
which is always a Bonus.  =-)

And the truly flattering part?
My little sister, Z?
The *really* *picky* sister?
She LOVES it and wants me to make one for her!!!  (Just not quite so wide...)

(And i take that as *quite* the Compliment!)

I hope you're having a Super Fantastic Wonderful Day!!!

by the way



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