Monday, June 3, 2013

You Realize...
I've been sitting here, selfishly, all morning.
I first ate my eggs and drank my coffee.
Then i got on the computer, "Just to check my e-mail, quickly."

Famous last words...

And as i sat here, reading blogs, my lovely assistant sat patiently.

Waiting for *her* Breakfast.


The whining began:

 "You *do* realize, don't you, that it's waaay  past 9:00, right."

And then, the impatient huffing and deep sighs:

"I thought you were just gonna be 'a minute'!"

So now i'll set this infernal contraption down and get my Monday morning going!

I hope you have a Productive day!

(And, lest you feel too sorry for her, i honestly fed her at 10am today.
I just found myself unable to put the computer down again until i actually posted this!)