Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've Been...

wanting to write something, but i don't have a picture to go with it.
And when i say "something", i don't mean anything in particular.  Just "SOMEthing".  =-)
Just a blurb.
Just something for today.

So, here is *something*.

That's my dear "Assistant", Allie.
We've had her since Bunny was in 6th grade.
That's over TEN years!
I'm not really sure how old she was when we got her 'cause we "adopted" her when she was already an adult.
But she's SO SMART!
And she's been such an awesome dog!


She's getting so old.
She's also going deaf.
I'm certain of it, 'cause if i ask her, "You want a Cookie?" very quietly, she doesn't move a muscle.
And half the time when the doorbell rings, she just sits there silently, instead of barking like mad like she used to - which bothers me and makes me happy at the same time, because she wants to defend me. 
It's so sad.

And she carries her bowl around quite a bit lately.
I don't know if she just gets comfort from having it near.  I'm sure she's not *really* hungry; i actually think she's honestly *forgotten* that she's already eaten.

And she's losing her teeth.  
And she seems to be getting Arthritis, 'cause she sort of limps and halts and grunts when she gets up and starts moving around.

She's definitely not the Pup she used to be.

And she's started waking me up in the early morning 'cause she needs to go outside.

And her face is becoming more white than orange-ish.
And she has little cysts/tumors popping up on her in various places.
And she just lies around most of the time now.

It's sad, the slow "disappearing" of my faithful companion.

I'm gonna cry my eyes out when she passes...

But Boyfriend will be happy!  =-)