Thursday, May 23, 2013

Om Jacket (Picture-Heavy Post)

So, i had this blue jean jacket, and i wanted to "put something on it", meaning embroider something on it.
I mentioned this to Boyfriend, and he started asking me questions like,

"What do you want to put on it?"  {I don't know}

"What colors do you want on it?"  {I don't know}

"How big do you want whatever-design to be?"  {i don't know}

"Okay, then...  Well, is there a symbol that 'you Yoga-people' use?" 

Well, that one got me thinking.   =-)

I decided to put an Om on the back of my jacket with rainbow colors swirling out from it.

(In case you don't know, the Om symbol represents the sound that is used in some Yoga classes and in meditation.  It really has no translation because it's a sound, like "buzz" or "cough" or "hum".  Just Google the word *Om* and you'll find ALLLLL kinds of information about it!  And it'll get pretty deep pretty quickly.)   =-)

So i began this project around October/November of 2011, i think.
I had a goal of finishing it by October of 2012.


I didn't make it.

There were many, many days that my jacket sat beside my chair in the living room.  Just sat.  Patiently waiting.

I would work on a color for a while,
and then let it sit for awhile.
Then i'd begin work on another color.
Then i'd let it sit.

I *finally* got all the colors DONE before October!  Yay!!!
But then i decided that i needed *something* inside the Om...
After a little "trial-and-error", i decided to use a specific bead.

But then...
Then October came, and went, and i got discouraged with myself.
I *didn't* meet my goal, and i was sad and disappointed and discouraged.


But now.
(Well, actually in April)

I finished it!!!!!

So i took these pictures on April 20th.
I don't remember the exact DAY that i finished it, but that really doesn't matter.  The important fact is that 

I finished it!!!!!
And i LOVE it!!!!!

So, without further blabbering from me, here it is,
my Beloved BlueJean Jacket with the Om/Rainbow Swirl:

(you can click on the picture to see it larger)

I always sign my work;
this is on the lower right "corner"
(sorry it's sideways)

I put a Heart on my left sleeve

I put a lining in it so you can't 
"see the ugly"!   =-)
This used to be one of my Mother's favorite shirts.
She gave it to me and told me to do something good with it.

It's really a cool fabric.
Shame i had to cut up her shirt.
(Makes me think of Zentangles.)

 And here i am, wearing my Jacket:

My Mother's husband saw the jacket while i was sewing the beads on, and he flipped out!  He went on and on about how Beautiful it is.  
Then he told me i shouldn't wear it.
He was emphatic about it!
He even offered to buy it from me, just so it would be hanging on a wall instead of being worn!
I tried explaining to him that i *made* it to be worn.  That it's actually GREAT to *wear* Art.
But he wouldn't hear me.  He kept insisting that i shouldn't wear something so beautiful.  That wearing it will wear it *out*, and that i should hang it somewhere where it won't get "ruined".
I *tried* telling him that by wearing it, *more* people will be able to see it than if it's hanging on a wall in somebody's house.
But he wouldn't hear of it.  He kept trying to convince me that Art shouldn't be worn.  That this jacket that i embroidered for me should be hanging on a wall somewhere.  (Preferably at his house.)

You know *my* solution to *that*?
I just don't wear it around him!!
That way, he doesn't think about my jacket, and i get to do what i wanted to do in the first place, without having someone fuss at me about it!


I apologize.
Whenever i start talking about him, i just get carried away.
He's the type of person who is "never wrong", and you can't tell him anything because he already knows everything, and you're never gonna be as smart as he is...
So when i think of him or talk about him, i tend to vent.
I apologize.
This post is about my Jacket
and how Happy i am about my Jacket.   =-)

I hope you do something today that makes YOU Happy!   


Monday, May 13, 2013


I know it's not Wednesday, but...
I keep missing my intention of posting on Wednesdays!!!
I have a couple of minutes, so i thought i'd go ahead and post now.
I've sort of been taking photos for a while now, with the intention of posting about my days...
So now i "must" catch-up.
*warning:  Photo-filled post ahead...

April 15th thru 18th, i went to Nashville, Tennessee with Boyfriend.  He had to work, so i drove while he sent e-mails and made phone calls.
"And i helped!"  (Who remembers where that's from?!)
Anyway, here's a small part of a few of my days during our time in Nashville:

Boyfriend working

 In my part of North Carolina, the beautiful Dogwood trees were in full bloom in April this year.  
I sort of take them for granted, even while i'm admiring their beauty, because i've always lived where they live and bloom...
But Daddy's Lady-Friend came to make sure he was *truly* alright after his motorcycle wreck, and she couldn't believe how pretty they were.
And she didn't even really see them when they were at their fullest!
They came to my house one day to see if i still had any flowers left, 'cause she wanted to press one or two and take them home with her...
Sorry, but between the rain and the cold, they'd all fallen down.
Maybe next year!   =-)
(There are even PINK Dogwoods, but i don't have any in my yard.  You could Google it, though.)   =-)

Out my back door

 The same tree, but from the front/side of my house:

Dogwood Tree

And upon closer "inspection", you can see the pink Azalea that grows near the Dogwood.
I loved the combination of the two this year.   =-)


Monday, the day before Daddy's motorcycle wreck, i did the ironing...
Which was weird because i *typically* iron on Tuesdays!
But, as luck/Fate would have it, i got that done early, which enabled me to be totally "with" Daddy on Tuesday...

Wednesday mornings, i work the front desk at the Yoga Studio, so here's the "My Day" photo *before* i called the hospital to check on Daddy, who had to stay the night since he lost consciousness at the scene...

Gotta Yoga
Class in Session (behind those doors)

But when i talked with him on the phone, he just didn't sound right and i got immediately concerned!
His speech was slurred, he was agitated, and he sort of fussed at me, so i had to "lay my eyes" on him as soon as i could!
So here's the "afternoon" photo of "My Day":

Daddy in the Hospital

Daddy was fine... once the pain meds wore off.  He REALLY does NOT tolerate pain meds well!
He prefers to take Tylenol instead of anything stronger.
Everything else messes with his head, or makes him ill, or "blocks him up", or makes him feel weird all over, or makes him puke, or whatever.
But to reassure myself, i had to "put my eyes on him" first.
I wasn't sure if it was the pain med, or the concussion, so i had to go see him...  *Before* my "shift" was done.  Oh well.  Everybody understood.  I had to be where i *needed* to be.   =-)

Then, on Friday, Boyfriend needed to go to Greensboro for work, and we had already planned on going to his Mom's for the weekend, so we combined the two trips.
Here's a "My Day" photo of one spot where i parked for a bit, waiting on Boyfriend to finish up so we could head North:


And then, there's this...
My Sweet "Assistant".
She's always ready to eat!  (Sound like anybody *you* know?!)   =-)
The plastic bin is where i store her big bag of store-bought dog food.
She loves that thing.   =-)
But it was empty on this day.
She wouldn't believe me, so i opened it up and laid it on its side so she could see for herself!

Ignoring me for a bit at first

"Are you SURE it's empty?!?"

Me:  "Yes!  See for yourself."

"I still don't believe you!
You *GOTTA* have something *somewhere*!!"
(She HATES getting in "compromising situations",
so you KNOW she was *desperate* here!)

"That sucks!"

Well, that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed the entertainment!

The weather is GORGEOUS here!
I hope you can find Beauty where you are.


Sunday, May 5, 2013


Wow.  I really got "waylaid" for a while there.  
I wasn't neglecting you!  I just haven't had time to post these past few weeks.

Okay, here's what happened.
On Tuesday, April 23rd, my Dad had a wreck on his motorcycle.
Before you panick, let me assure you that he's doing alright.

He was coming around a "blind curve" (a curve where you can't see very far ahead), and before he realized & had time to react properly, he saw a large almost-18-wheeler truck was stopped in his lane, waiting to make a left turn.
He panicked.
He squeezed on both brakes really hard.
Apparently you're not supposed to do that on a motorcycle.
Because that causes it to skid.
And since he was in a turn, the back tire starting coming around to the front, and the bike started "laying over", and he went down on his side (and the motorcycle did too), and he ended up rolling over and over in the road.
He lost conciousness in there somewhere, which *i* think probably saved him from getting hurt *much* worse than he actually did.  (You know how, when you're aware that you're falling, you tense up a lot, and try to "catch" yourself.  He didn't do that, and instead, rolled all loose-like.  Much easier on your body.)
Anyway, here's what much of my Tuesday evening and Wednesday looked like:

So now you know part of where i've been.   =-)
Daddy broke six bones in his face; his nose, 3 bones under his right eye on his cheek, a piece of his jaw bone, and a small bone under his right eye.
He also dislocated and broke his left thumb.
He also got a H-U-G-E bruise (hematoma) on his right hip.  (The blood from that is now starting to "gravitate" down his leg; it's past his knee now.)
He scraped up his right shoulder (on the top).
He also *possibly* broke his right big toe, and will most likely lose that nail.  (He asked the doc, "Why take an x-ray? What're you going to do if it *is* broken?" and the doc was like, "Well...  Okay.")
He also has a HUGE area on his right forearm where there's "no skin".  
I  say that, but you know you can't see the bone, right.
But the skin that *is* there is *not* "top layer" skin.  It's gonna take a *while* to heal and re-grow.
We're pretty sure that he also got a concussion.  The ER doc didn't say so, but we're assuming it.  I mean, hell, he broke 6 bones in his face, so you *know* he hit his head pretty hard!    =-)
He's been on a liquid diet, but he's slowly working up to "soft foods".  His jaw really hurts, both for chewing and for opening up very much.
It's difficult to live happily on a liquids/soft food diet.
Try it for 2 days and you'll see what i'm talking about.   =-)

Anyway, his spirits are high.
For the first week, he was saying that he "supposes" he "should" give up the bike.  He realizes his reaction-time and his eye-sight "isn't what it used to be."
But over the past few days, he's been feeling better and better, and is talking about *maybe* not giving it up.  
He REALLY loves riding a motorcycle.
Especially when it's beautiful weather!   =-)
But he *has* decided that the New England/Nova Scotia trip he's gonna make with his girlfriend in July is now gonna be in the car instead of on the bike! 
He just couldn't live with the guilt if *she* had been on the bike *with* him and he wrecked!

And i just can't argue with him!   =-)
It's what he LOVES to do.
And it's HIS life!
If it makes him happy, then who am *I* to tell him to quit?!
I'll go to his funeral know he was happy, and that he lived the way HE wanted.   =-)

So that's been my last (almost) two weeks!   =-)
Hospital for 2 days, and then doctor's visit after doctor's visit.
Took him to an oral maxillo-facial doctor.
Took him to an orthopedist.
Took him to his family doctor.
Missed a *few* Yoga classes.  But that's the "price" i pay for having an AWESOME Dad!   =-)
And then his Girlfriend came to town Wednesday, and i've been able to start catching up on housework and stuff.
So just today am i able to *finally* make a post here.   =-)
I'll try to get "back on schedule" now.   =-)

I hope you're having an AWESOME and Happy week!
'Til Wednesday!  (Unless *something else* waylays me!)


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