Sunday, May 5, 2013


Wow.  I really got "waylaid" for a while there.  
I wasn't neglecting you!  I just haven't had time to post these past few weeks.

Okay, here's what happened.
On Tuesday, April 23rd, my Dad had a wreck on his motorcycle.
Before you panick, let me assure you that he's doing alright.

He was coming around a "blind curve" (a curve where you can't see very far ahead), and before he realized & had time to react properly, he saw a large almost-18-wheeler truck was stopped in his lane, waiting to make a left turn.
He panicked.
He squeezed on both brakes really hard.
Apparently you're not supposed to do that on a motorcycle.
Because that causes it to skid.
And since he was in a turn, the back tire starting coming around to the front, and the bike started "laying over", and he went down on his side (and the motorcycle did too), and he ended up rolling over and over in the road.
He lost conciousness in there somewhere, which *i* think probably saved him from getting hurt *much* worse than he actually did.  (You know how, when you're aware that you're falling, you tense up a lot, and try to "catch" yourself.  He didn't do that, and instead, rolled all loose-like.  Much easier on your body.)
Anyway, here's what much of my Tuesday evening and Wednesday looked like:

So now you know part of where i've been.   =-)
Daddy broke six bones in his face; his nose, 3 bones under his right eye on his cheek, a piece of his jaw bone, and a small bone under his right eye.
He also dislocated and broke his left thumb.
He also got a H-U-G-E bruise (hematoma) on his right hip.  (The blood from that is now starting to "gravitate" down his leg; it's past his knee now.)
He scraped up his right shoulder (on the top).
He also *possibly* broke his right big toe, and will most likely lose that nail.  (He asked the doc, "Why take an x-ray? What're you going to do if it *is* broken?" and the doc was like, "Well...  Okay.")
He also has a HUGE area on his right forearm where there's "no skin".  
I  say that, but you know you can't see the bone, right.
But the skin that *is* there is *not* "top layer" skin.  It's gonna take a *while* to heal and re-grow.
We're pretty sure that he also got a concussion.  The ER doc didn't say so, but we're assuming it.  I mean, hell, he broke 6 bones in his face, so you *know* he hit his head pretty hard!    =-)
He's been on a liquid diet, but he's slowly working up to "soft foods".  His jaw really hurts, both for chewing and for opening up very much.
It's difficult to live happily on a liquids/soft food diet.
Try it for 2 days and you'll see what i'm talking about.   =-)

Anyway, his spirits are high.
For the first week, he was saying that he "supposes" he "should" give up the bike.  He realizes his reaction-time and his eye-sight "isn't what it used to be."
But over the past few days, he's been feeling better and better, and is talking about *maybe* not giving it up.  
He REALLY loves riding a motorcycle.
Especially when it's beautiful weather!   =-)
But he *has* decided that the New England/Nova Scotia trip he's gonna make with his girlfriend in July is now gonna be in the car instead of on the bike! 
He just couldn't live with the guilt if *she* had been on the bike *with* him and he wrecked!

And i just can't argue with him!   =-)
It's what he LOVES to do.
And it's HIS life!
If it makes him happy, then who am *I* to tell him to quit?!
I'll go to his funeral know he was happy, and that he lived the way HE wanted.   =-)

So that's been my last (almost) two weeks!   =-)
Hospital for 2 days, and then doctor's visit after doctor's visit.
Took him to an oral maxillo-facial doctor.
Took him to an orthopedist.
Took him to his family doctor.
Missed a *few* Yoga classes.  But that's the "price" i pay for having an AWESOME Dad!   =-)
And then his Girlfriend came to town Wednesday, and i've been able to start catching up on housework and stuff.
So just today am i able to *finally* make a post here.   =-)
I'll try to get "back on schedule" now.   =-)

I hope you're having an AWESOME and Happy week!
'Til Wednesday!  (Unless *something else* waylays me!)


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