Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Posting From Nashville

Yes, you read that correctly; Boyfriend and i are in Nashville, Tennessee today.  We drove here on Monday (4/15), and when i say we, i mean ME!  =-)

I'm glad that i'm able to drive because it helps him out a lot. 
He works on e-mails, phone calls, maps and other work-related "stuff" while i drive, so he doesn't "waste" his entire day.
Yes, entire day.  It took us just over 7 hours to get here.
We stop for bathroom breaks, lunch and what-not, so that's about how long it takes us.  For someone else, it would probably take less time.

...and for our oldest daughter, who has to pee *all* *the* *time* (like, every  15 minutes), it would most likely take much longer!  lol  =-)

We'll start heading back some time today, with a scheduled stop tonight in a hotel in either Knoxville TN or Asheville NC, and get back home on Thursday.
My Lovely Assistant will be SOOO happy when i get back!  'Cause i'll "save" her from the kennel!  (She hates it there!)

This is how my morning went for awhile:

Boyfriend working in our hotel room
while i watch "The Doctors"

But i spent time by myself, and *for* myself.
I sat around alllll day yesterday, watching the news (HORRIBLE news about the Boston Marathon!),
reading others' blog posts,
reading newspapers (yes they *still* *exist*!),
doing a little web-surfing,
watching a couple of talk shows,
and just generally lounging.
I had a leisurely day, doing "not much at all", and wishing Boyfriend could do the same...

Today, i've already worked on a project i've been working on (and avoiding) for quite a while longer than i'd like to admit.

I have a blue jean jacket...
Just over a year ago, Boyfriend helped me come up with an idea to embroider something on the back of this jacket.

Guess what?!?!
I *just* this morning finished the beading on the jacket!!!

And *that* feels Really Really Good.   =-)

I'm not ready to show you the entire jacket because i'm not *really* done with this project...  I still "need" to put a lining on the inside, over the embroidery.
'Cause it's messy.
Really messy.
And that would bother me if "everyone" could see the inside mess.
So i'm gonna wait 'til i get home and find the "right" fabric to line the inside (back) with.  (I'm thinking of sewing it in by hand... with Red thread!)   =-)

Then i'll want to wait 'til a bright, sunshine-y day to take pictures of it.
Then i'll show you the jacket!   =-)

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I hope you're having a Beautiful Day!
And remember, your day begins with YOU!  See if you can give yourself a Reason to Smile.


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