Saturday, April 13, 2013


So, after much back-and-forth, Spring has finally arrived here in my part of the World!
Yay!   =-)
It seemed like it took it *forever* to decide if it was gonna come around, but 
So i've been taking a  few pictures here and there with my camera:

Jane Magnolia
Also known as a Tulip Tree around here

'Jane' again

 Jane last week...

 And Jane this week!

 'Jane' buds -n- blooms

 See Jane.
See Jane blossom.
(Showing my age a bit, huh.)   =-)

I hope you're able to go outside some and see the Glory that surrounds you!
And Smile!
Have a beautiful week!


  1. I love signs of spring. I just moved to Kennewick wa from utah and the early spring season is just what I needed. The Tree is so pretty.

  2. Glad you shared the name of it, too. I saw one here in Southern California and couldn't get close enough to see it. Thanks for the pictures! Happy Spring!

  3. Please let me say that there are TONS and TONS of different kinds of Magnolias! Just go to Wikipedia and type in "Magnolia", and you'll see what i mean as you scroll down the page, and scroll down, and scroll down! *Hundreds* of kinds of Magnolias! Of course, the only one i think of when i think of "a Magnolia" is the *big* old Southern type of Magnolia. The ones i grew up climbing and living around as a child here in the South. In North Carolina, to be exact.
    But, seriously, try Wiki.
    You too will be amazed!