Thursday, April 4, 2013

February 16th

It snowed here on February 16th, 2013.  I went out and took pictures with my phone, and it took me until a couple of days ago to *finally* figure out *how* to get them onto my computer!!!
Lame, i know.
But whatever.  I finally figured it out!   =-)  (And all by myself, too!)  (Go me!)

So when i drove out of my garage this morning and had tiny pieces of SLEET(!) pelting my windshield, i: 
1) freaked out! and
2) remembered that i *still* haven't posted about the "late snow" we had.

I'm over here rolling my eyes, people!  

February 16th = late snow {as to} 
April 4th sleet = wtf?????!!!

I can't even begin to bring up words to tell you how surprised i was when those tiny pieces of ice were falling from the sky this morning!

I'm just gonna post the pics of the "late snow" while i contemplate words like  "snow" and "ice" and "seasons"...

I love how it  "highlighted" the stones.

The poor daffodils were already blooming!
(That's why i thought it was a "late snow".)

It snowed pretty hard (for here) for a short while, 
but didn't really stick on the roads, thankfully.

I love how this tree was gently covered in snow. 

The poor daffodil! 

"Oh, the weight of it all!"

I wish i had a couple of pictures from today...
The Bradford Pear trees are blooming and getting dainty green leaves, and yet!  Yet, we had sleet this morning.

I *do* have a picture of my "Jane Magnolia", though.  
We call it a Tulip Tree here in North Carolina.
Whatever you call it, 
I Love It!!!

My "new" Tulip Tree,
and my new front porch too!
(Yes, i still need to make a post about my front yard,
but the guy isn't *technically* finished yet!)

Close-up of a flower on the
Jane Magnolia:
(It's really not the best picture...  Sorry.)

I should go take some pictures of it today, 'cause "she's" blooming even more now!  But i really really need to get some housework done.  
Besides, the sun is *not* out.  It's raining/sleeting *still*!  (Off and on.)
Maybe tomorrow...
And maybe i'll update you on "her" next week!   =-)

I hope you have an AWESOME week!!!

p.s.  My sister's coming to visit!!!
I can hardly wait!
I haven't seen her in a *while*,
and it's been *for*ever* since she's been to my house!
I'm gonna *try* to get her to a gentle Yoga class... or TWO!   =-)
She really needs it...


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