Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...I'm Terrible, I Know. Sorry.

I apologize for it being such a looong time since i last posted.
It's not that i don't think about posting.  I do!
It's just that i don't always have much of anything to post about.
I just go about my days, doing my "usual" things, and i don't think you want to read the same things, week after week...

Or maybe i'm wrong.
You know, all of those "reality" shows are so popular now, and most of them are about all the day-to-day and stupid things that folk do.
So maybe i have the wrong attitude about it all.  =-)

Anyway, my Dad is still coming over every weekday for his Yoga class from me. =-)  I'm so thrilled that he's doing Yoga!  

And he's noticing improvements!!!
That's the really important and wonderful thing!  (in case you couldn't figure that one out for yourself)  =-)

Anyway, he comes over every weekday.  We used to do his "class" after my  own morning Yoga class, but we decided to change it.
It was kinda an out-of-sorts time when we were doing his Yoga at lunchtime.  So yesterday (Monday), we started doing his Yoga at 7:45am.
It's working out much better.  =-)

...and speaking of Yoga...
My Yoga Teacher Training starts THIS Friday!!!
I'm excited, but i'm also nervous.  When i told my teacher that i was also nervous, she just didn't understand *why* i would be nervous...
I worry about so many things.
Of course i would be worried about this too.

But i'm gonna do it, regardless of my worries or fears.
I *am* looking forward to it.

I'll try to keep you posted.
(... but hopefully it w

Wish me luck!