Monday, May 13, 2013


I know it's not Wednesday, but...
I keep missing my intention of posting on Wednesdays!!!
I have a couple of minutes, so i thought i'd go ahead and post now.
I've sort of been taking photos for a while now, with the intention of posting about my days...
So now i "must" catch-up.
*warning:  Photo-filled post ahead...

April 15th thru 18th, i went to Nashville, Tennessee with Boyfriend.  He had to work, so i drove while he sent e-mails and made phone calls.
"And i helped!"  (Who remembers where that's from?!)
Anyway, here's a small part of a few of my days during our time in Nashville:

Boyfriend working

 In my part of North Carolina, the beautiful Dogwood trees were in full bloom in April this year.  
I sort of take them for granted, even while i'm admiring their beauty, because i've always lived where they live and bloom...
But Daddy's Lady-Friend came to make sure he was *truly* alright after his motorcycle wreck, and she couldn't believe how pretty they were.
And she didn't even really see them when they were at their fullest!
They came to my house one day to see if i still had any flowers left, 'cause she wanted to press one or two and take them home with her...
Sorry, but between the rain and the cold, they'd all fallen down.
Maybe next year!   =-)
(There are even PINK Dogwoods, but i don't have any in my yard.  You could Google it, though.)   =-)

Out my back door

 The same tree, but from the front/side of my house:

Dogwood Tree

And upon closer "inspection", you can see the pink Azalea that grows near the Dogwood.
I loved the combination of the two this year.   =-)


Monday, the day before Daddy's motorcycle wreck, i did the ironing...
Which was weird because i *typically* iron on Tuesdays!
But, as luck/Fate would have it, i got that done early, which enabled me to be totally "with" Daddy on Tuesday...

Wednesday mornings, i work the front desk at the Yoga Studio, so here's the "My Day" photo *before* i called the hospital to check on Daddy, who had to stay the night since he lost consciousness at the scene...

Gotta Yoga
Class in Session (behind those doors)

But when i talked with him on the phone, he just didn't sound right and i got immediately concerned!
His speech was slurred, he was agitated, and he sort of fussed at me, so i had to "lay my eyes" on him as soon as i could!
So here's the "afternoon" photo of "My Day":

Daddy in the Hospital

Daddy was fine... once the pain meds wore off.  He REALLY does NOT tolerate pain meds well!
He prefers to take Tylenol instead of anything stronger.
Everything else messes with his head, or makes him ill, or "blocks him up", or makes him feel weird all over, or makes him puke, or whatever.
But to reassure myself, i had to "put my eyes on him" first.
I wasn't sure if it was the pain med, or the concussion, so i had to go see him...  *Before* my "shift" was done.  Oh well.  Everybody understood.  I had to be where i *needed* to be.   =-)

Then, on Friday, Boyfriend needed to go to Greensboro for work, and we had already planned on going to his Mom's for the weekend, so we combined the two trips.
Here's a "My Day" photo of one spot where i parked for a bit, waiting on Boyfriend to finish up so we could head North:


And then, there's this...
My Sweet "Assistant".
She's always ready to eat!  (Sound like anybody *you* know?!)   =-)
The plastic bin is where i store her big bag of store-bought dog food.
She loves that thing.   =-)
But it was empty on this day.
She wouldn't believe me, so i opened it up and laid it on its side so she could see for herself!

Ignoring me for a bit at first

"Are you SURE it's empty?!?"

Me:  "Yes!  See for yourself."

"I still don't believe you!
You *GOTTA* have something *somewhere*!!"
(She HATES getting in "compromising situations",
so you KNOW she was *desperate* here!)

"That sucks!"

Well, that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed the entertainment!

The weather is GORGEOUS here!
I hope you can find Beauty where you are.


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  1. Your dog reminds me of myself when I'm on the hunt for a snack! Snort!

    Hope your dad has a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for your hints on yoga. I watched a dvd on yoga for the "older" generation, and it was more my speed. But man those old farts were sure flexible! I have to work up to that! :)