Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Around and Organizing

Hello Everyone!
To those of you who've sent me well-wishes for my Father-in-law,
I thank you.
However, he is in the "end stages" of life, with no hope of "recovery". He has Parkisonism and brain atrophy (his brain is shrinking), so he will slowly fade away every day, or something like that. My Mother-in-law still cannot grasp that concept, and she hopes everyday that he'll "get better", and we cannot tell her differently. She gets too upset when we try to talk about it... And we cannot bare to see her cry... So we sort-of dance this dance, and come what will...
On to happier things! (Because Life goes on!)
I've moved most of my "stuff" around and think i'm finally ready to post about it. =-)
My sewing table & cutting table used to be in the dining room, and all the rest of my "stuff" was upstairs in the Art Room. Before i started reading all these blogs, ALL of my stuff was up in the Art Room, but Crazy Mom (indirectly) showed me the error of my ways. In one of her posts, she pointed out that by having your machine in a "prominent part" of the house, you would be more likely to sew in those "in-between moments" (a.k.a: down time). She was right, you know! =-)

Well... I haven't exactly been happy with having *some* of my stuff readily accessible and *some* of my stuff "all the way upstairs". (Sorry. I guess i have become another one of those spoiled Americans!)

Anyway, I've been slowly working on getting ALL of my stuff moved into Boyfriend's office (with permission, of course. He's good like that!)

WARNING:: I DID NOT clean up before i took these pix!!! I'm just not that way. I believe in living in my house, and i don't apologize for it. That's what it's FOR! =-)

Here are pictures of Before:

This was taken with the office at my back:

This next one was taken with the kitchen at my back and the office is just barely visible through the door on the left:

This next one was taken with the living room at my back, and you can see the office through the door ahead. That's where my sewing stuff is gonna go!

In this one, you can see both tables, sewing & cutting. It's a good set-up 'cause i have plenty of lighting, and everything is within reach. I usually have the ironing board where i'm standing, but i have NO idea where i'll put it once i move everything into the office... Still working on that...

These next photos are of the office, Before the moving/organizing:

In this one you can see the kitchen through the door (center-right of photo). Boyfriend's desk is to my left, & the back door is to my right. The bookshelf will be moved so i can put my cabinet there. I know there's not a lot of room, but Boyfriend says it'll work! =-)

In this next one, the door to the kitchen is on the left, and you can see the door that leads outside in the center-right. (Yes, we have 2 dining room sets. I haven't gotten rid of ANY furniture in a few YEARS because my daughters are of an age where they could move out at any time, and i don't want them to spend their first checks on furniture, like *I* had to!) Anyway, this is where my sewing & cutting tables will go.

Next is a shot with the dining room at my back. This is roughly the spot where my sewing table will go. I'll have a clear view of the back yard, and i should have sun streaming in my windows. Yay! (Is everybody ready for Spring? It's been one CRAZY Winter, hasn't it!)

In this shot, I'm standing between the office & the dining room, looking to the right so you get a good look at Boyfriend's desk. I feel like i'll be squeezing him in there, but he sort-of volunteered for this, so he can't back down now! =-)

So there you have it!

That's all the "Before" pictures. I'll be back with the "After" pix as soon as i get everything moved! =-)

Hopefully that'll be before next week!

And hopefully i won't have another week of "unplanned" family circumstances to hold me back. =-)

'Til next Monday!


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