Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before & After, Part Two

Well, i lied.

I didn't mean to, though!

I read back in my Monday post, and it said i'd post again next Monday... Well, i decided not to wait, so here you have me, THREE days in a ROW! =-)

I didn't want to drag this organizing/moving stuff out into three weeks, so here it is.

Shocking, i know.

Odd for me, i know.

Hope it's alright with you! =-)

OK! Part Two:

Office BEFORE (the kitchen is through the door on the left):

Office AFTER (And yes! I know it's already a bit messy. I've been in there doing stuff!):

Office BEFORE:

Office AFTER:

Bunny organized all my fabrics for me into color piles, and i put them on the white shelves.


I couldn't seem to do it for myself 'cause some fabrics just don't scream any one color to me, so i had a problem with it, but she did it FOR me. I just love having artistic daughters who like helping me! =-)

And here's another AFTER pic so you can see where i put Boyfriend's bookshelf and my cabinet. He ordered a gun safe, so that's HIS next project. It's NOT staying where it is. This room is already TOO FULL! =-)

So there you have it!

That's all the moving around i've been doing lately. I have the vast majority of my sewing stuff down in the office now, so i should be a little more productive. At least i'm a bit more *organized*! =-)

I'll post again soon about the 60's song-inspired quilt, 'cause


Pix coming soon!


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