Monday, April 18, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 4

Fake Journal entry for April 4th.

left page quote:
"Mrs. C said she likes m pictures but
she doesnt like for them to be
floating in nothing on the page.
She really said that!  But I don't want
to draw everything around it.  Theres
to much stuff everywhere!
Todays homework is more nature stuff.
At least its not raining!  =-)"

right page quote:
"Mrs. Cunningham   3rd Per.
Della Fleming   4-4-11"

I'm enjoying doing this.  If you have no clue what i'm doing, please click on the link above, or the pink link over there on the right (with the dog picture).  It's a great project, and YOU can join in at *any* time!  We still have two weeks to go, and that could be just the right amount of time for you to get into a little bit of Fake Journaling for yourself!  =-)
It's fun, and since your journaling is by your character, your Inner Critic can't say a SINGLE WORD to you about it!!!  That's really free-ing.
Give it a try!
Look at Roz's blog to see what i'm talking about.  =-)
Let's have fun together.  =-)

Back soon with more!


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  1. I've enjoyed your "voice" -- very entertaining.
    In 9th grade I had an art teacher describe my tree renderings as "cabbage trees." That was the last art class that I took from HER. (I was able to have a choice, thank goodness).