Friday, April 15, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 3

Fake Journal entry from April 3rd, 2011

left side page quote:
"I picked the tree in my front yard for
homework.  My Mom says its called a
Redbud but Id rather call it
Pretty.  =-)  I dont have the right
color for the tiny flowers but this
is the closest I could get it.
I hope Mrs. C likes it."

right side quote:
"Mrs. Cunningham   4-3-11
3rd Per.   Della Fleming"

I like today's drawing, but i'm not too fond of the trunk.  HOWEVER, that's pretty much what it really looks like in real life (*eff'ed up!*), so i'm good with it.  In a big way, there's a lot of freedom to "drawing like an 11-year-old", 'cause i don't have to worry about shading, or about drawing everything that's in the scene, so i can give myself some slack.  =-)  And since my Inner Critic usually talks (down) to me A LOT, this is a good thing!  =-)

Gotta run!!!  Got lots to do!
Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


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  1. I'm enjoying your fake journal. (I'm another fake journaler this year.) Great idea to be yourself at 11!