Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fake Journal Entry 2

Entry to Fake Journal for April 2nd, 2011.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted, but i've been having a bit of trouble lately.  Life and other stuff going on...  And some depression...

But i have a many days' worth of journaling to post and plan to do it all today...
Wow. Now i've jinxed myself.  Great.

Anyway, this one says (and i quote directly, misspellings, mis-punctuations and all):

left page:  "Mrs. Cunningham said we have to draw
something from nature today and tomorow. 
Thats so not fair!  Ug!
But at least its pretty nice outside.
OMG!  A ladybug just crawled up on me!!!
Isnt that supose to be Good Luck?!  =-)
Maybe Ill get an A for this picture!"

picture page:  "Della Fleming   4-2-'11
Mrs Cunnigham  3rd Period"

I am writing with my left hand, but drawing with my right.  (I can barely draw with my dominant hand; no WAY i'm gonna try drawing with my left!)

I'm actually liking my drawings!  I haven't really drawn anything since my daughters were little, so this is a good thing.  (Me liking it and me *actually drawing*!)

Okay!  Got tons of stuff to do today, so i'd best get going!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


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