Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fake Journal Month - "Prequel"

It's officially Day 2 of "Fake Journal" Month, and i'm actually in synch with it!

I'm really proud of myself, 'cause i usually wimp out on projects like this!
Not to jinx myself by saying that, though.  There are still 28 days for me to wimp out on, but i'm being hopeful.  =-)

I sort of waited 'til the laaaast minute on day 1 'cause my Inner Critic was  trying to psych me out of doing it.  But i did it anyway!  It was after 10 pm, but still, I DID IT ANYWAY!
"HA, Inner Critic!  Take that!"

And that's part of what Roz Stendahl is trying to do anyway with this Fake Journal thing: help you quiet your Inner Critic.  And it's sort of working for me!

Bunny and Kitty ARE doing it with me after all!
I am SOOO tickled!!!

We haven't really *really* looked at each other's stuff yet, but that's sort of what Roz has been talking about too.  She advises we wait a few days before posting any of our "journal pages" to our blogs, just so we can have time to "get our mojo going" first, and time to get into our characters.  Go read her blog and you'll find out what i'm talking about!

[i put "journal pages" in quotes up there because i've never really felt like what i've been doing is "journaling", but i guess it is in the "dictionary sense", so...]

Okay, here's my character's story, sort of.
My character is myself, but at age 11.  It's kinda confusing because my real daughters are my character's sisters, and i'm basically my character's mother.  Something like that.  I'm not really getting into working a lot of it out.  I'm just using this Fake Journal as an "excuse" to start drawing. 
I used to draw when i was young.  But somewhere along the way, written words became my main way of expressing myself.  Every time i sat down to try to start a "journal", it has been through words; NEVER through pictures.  Except when i was little.
So *now* i'm trying to start drawing once again.  When my girls were little, i drew too, just to show them that "people can draw", but once they took to it, i basically stopped drawing again.
But i think it will only be good - for my creativity, imagination, quilting, brain, etc - for me to start to draw.
So when i saw this "challenge" on Roz's blog, i thought it could be something that might help.

And I'm Doing It!!!

So i've already done my page for today, and it's just now 5 o'clock.  And i even scanned both pages in preparation for when i actually begin posting them!!!
This is really progress for me!

I am so tickled!!!

And now that i've posted this, i guess i'll *have* to keep up with Fake Journal month, just so i don't humiliate myself with "failure".  =-)

I'll wait a few days (maybe the 7th?) before i post pix.
So in the meantime, Wish Me Luck!


p.s.  It's not too late for YOU to join in Fake Journal month!  You can hop on the bandwagon at ANY point in this month!  Go check out Roz's blog on Fake Journal Month and her blog on art.  She's inspiring.

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