Sunday, March 20, 2011



It's been gorgeous here all weekend!  Lots of things are blooming, like Forsythia, Bradford Pear trees, Tulip trees, and Daffodils.
I thought i had a picture of my daffodils in the back yard, but i don't.  =-(
I'll see if i can take a few minutes tomorrow to go out there and take a few.

But right now i want to talk to you about something i've been pondering.

I saw Melanie Testa's blog, and i love Melly & her work, so whenever she links to something, i usually go check it out.
Well, the other day, she linked to Roz Stendahl's blog.
I loved it.
So when Roz had lots of links to something called International Fake Journal Month, i just had to go check out that blog.
Well, let me just say...


You gotta check it out too!  Maybe you'll do it *with* me!
Maybe we'll inspire each other!

I've always wanted to keep a journal (or whatever you want to call it), but never really was consistent with it.
Well, this is my chance to keep one, consistently, for a *limited* amount of time. 
With inspiration and help. 
And it's by a character i invent, so it's okay if it's not perfect, and it's okay if it's not "right".  My inner critic won't be able to fuss at me about it because it's not "MINE"!
HA! Take *that*, Inner Critic!

So, go look at the IFJM blog and see what you think.
Won't you join me?!
We'll have fun!
We'll encourage each other!
We'll get "artsy"!
We'll tell our Inner Critics to "shut the hell up!"
We'll have FUN!

Whaddaya say?!

I'll post a bit more about this tomorrow.
Right now, i've gotta go to bed. [yawn]


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