Tuesday, March 29, 2011

England was so interesting to me.  I loved all the differences, and yet i wondered, "How is it that we're SO different?  Didn't the majority of our ancestors come from 'over there'?"  At the very least, our Language did!  Yet there are so many differences in British English and American English.  Let me show you...

When we say...                  They say...

shrimp                              prawns
eggplant                           aubergine
1st floor                           ground floor
2nd floor                           1st floor 
yield                                 give way
parking lot                        car park
apartment                         flat
elevator                            lift
trunk                                boot
panties                             pant
tennis shoes/sneakers        trainers
vagina                              fanny
umbrella                           brolly
pants                               trousers
subway                             tube
thanks                              cheers or ta
desserts                           puddings
french fries                        chips
chips                                crisps
cash register                      till
TJ Maxx                             TK Maxx

I'm sure there are a ton of other words, but these are all i can think of at the moment.  Chime in if you know of any others!

Anybody wanna go to England?!

Actually, i think our next trip is going to be a cruise...
in June...
leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico...
cruising the islands of Saint Thomas, Barbados, St Lucis,  St Kitts, St Maarten and  back to San Juan.
We've been invited to tag along with Boyfriend's nephew, Andrew.  He's turning 30 (!), and really wants to take this cruise.  He's said the more, the merrier, as far as "everybody" going.  Hey, Suzanne, wanna go?!  Pam will most likely need a "roomie".  I know it's short notice, but...

Oh.  Wait.  Suzi, you're taking Kitty to NYC "for graduation", and i'm tagging along, so i'm betting you won't go on the cruise.
We invited our neighbors, W & C (who we went to England with), and they're thinking about it.  They don't like to be on the water 'cause they both get seasick, but we're trying to convince them anyway.
Maybe we should invite Eric too...  His feelings will be REALLY hurt if we invite W & C and *don't* invite him!
Who else wants to go?!  =-)

Okay, three posts in two days is quite enough for me!
Prolly even a Record!
Or, maybe i'm on a roll and i'll get on here tomorrow too!
Besides, i still need to tell you about International Fake Journal Month again!
=-)  It's coming in THREE days!

I'll be back!


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