Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I told you I'd get some pictures up of the progress on my garden...




My 19 yo was out there with me when I started, so she helped out by taking pictures. =-)
But then I had to go drive the afternoon route before we could get any of the veggies or herbs planted...

But at least we got the marigolds in the ground! =-)

So I only have a few pictures. ::rolling eyes::

Here is the garden with the bags and bags and bags of Black Kow manure added, and I'm making rows in it:

You can also see the veggies, herbs and marigolds I bought to plant in there. You've heard of "my eyes were bigger than my stomach"? Well, my eyes were bigger than my garden!

And here is the garden with the marigolds lining the two sides:

It's supposed to help keep nematodes or something off the tomatoes.
I'll see if it helps.
But at least it looks cute! =-)

So I went to drive the afternoon route, and when I got back to put in the tomatoes and stuff, it was another day,

and my photographer was at work,

so now my tomatoes are in the ground, as is the okra, the one squash plant, and the basil and other herbs...

And I have no pictures of them!!

I'll see if I can get my photographer to take a few minutes to go out there tomorrow to snap a few pics and load them on my 'puter...

Wish me luck! =-)

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