Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friends of Old

We went to my Mom's in Beaufort, SC this past Saturday (the 27th). Family friends from Guatemala were in town for the week. We just returned yesterday (the 30th).
Really, it's not like we did anything special.
It's just that we hadn't seen these friends in 10 years!
Yep, you read that right.
Ten Years!!!
I know. That's waaaay too long to go without seeing dear friends! Trust me, I know.
Wait a minute. Let me back up.
In 1974 or '75, my oldest brother Tom went to Guatemala on a student exchange program (AFS - short for American Field Service). He lived there with a family for an entire year!
Watching him depart in the airport was the only time I ever saw my Daddy cry.
Then in '76, Carlos - a friend of the family who later married the only daughter (Maria) of five children in this family - came to stay with us for a few months.
Then Maria came to stay with us for 9 months.
Then my older sister & I sent my parents on a surprise trip to Guatemala for their anniversary - we paid for the flights, got permission from their bosses for them to have the time off and everything! (Trust me, it was my sister who made ALL of the plans!)
Then in '79, I went there for 3 months in the summer and stayed with this same family. I came home with a nice tan and ONE dollar in my pocket! I had my 16th birthday there!
Some time in the '80s, my Mom went there with an old family friend of hers.
Carlos and Maria got married and had three daughters.
In '94, they came here with their daughters and some family & friends, and we all got together.
In '96 my sister went there for a very nice vacation.
Two of their daughters have stayed with us at different times for varying amounts of time.
So you see, we have maintained a special relationship with this family for over 30 years now. We love them dearly.
I don't communicate with them like I should, but they love me still. =-)
And now...
We are tentatively making plans to send our "Baby" to Guatemala next summer...
For six months!
Did I mention that she's my "Baby"?!?
...more to come...

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