Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hurried-er I Go, The Behind-er I Get!

School started this past Tuesday, and I have been going non-stop! Who would think a Bus Driver would be soooooo busy?!?!
I've been doing this for over 7 years now (the longest I've had *any* job!), and it never gets easier!
There is more paperwork this year, and now, instead of driving for 2 schools, I'm driving for THREE!
I drive in the mornings, come home and try to catch up on housework. I drive in the afternoons and come home to try to catch up on paperwork...
WAIT! Let me preface all of this by letting you know that my bus
does not
have air conditioning like most of the buses in my county do. So by the time I finish up at 5:15 or 5:30, I am SOAKED with sweat, and my skin is HOT according to my daughters.
Ha! They should have felt just how holy-hell-hot it was in the driver's seat!

Tuesday after my final route, I wearily got into my hot car and headed home. (THANK THE POWERS THAT BE for the a/c in MY car!!!) On my leisure drive, I was thinking about the supper that Kitty hopefully started, and about lounging around with Kitty and Bunny (Boyfriend was out of town) while we (or I) ate...

But what did I find when I got home?
Any guesses?

The dog. An empty house and an empty stove/oven.
I was so exhausted I could have just slumped down on the kitchen floor and *cried*!

I didn't.

I called Kitty to find out where she was.

At her boyfriend's, of course.

So I literally peeled off my clothes, took a glorious shower (Don't go there Otin!), and ate some left-overs along with a glass of... something... Amaretto...?
I ate & drank it out on my back porch, with my trusty dog at my feet, and the ceiling fan gently wafting over me. It was nice out. It was leisure.
And the dog didn't "talk back" to me not once. =-)

Oh well.
At least my daughters still love me.
They're teens and haven't once told me, "I hate you!"


All this to say that I'm terribly behind in my blog reading.
And my quilting. Sort of. Since that's really not on a schedule, and it sits so patiently, it's okay. It'll wait as long as I need it to. =-)
But I'm reading bits and pieces as I can, here and there.

Matter of fact,
I'm off to read some more. =-)


  1. It truly was lovely...

    As for the heat you experience without AC in a bus...just wait till you add HOT FLASHES to that scenario!

    Cool Breezes your way...

  2. You know me too well already! haha! I cannot believe that you drive a bus in NC without air conditioning,That is crazy!!!!!

  3. Nice shower and Amaretto?! You are allllright by me! Hehehehe!

  4. You don't need to stop when you are making a right hand turn off of one road onto another. I am not talking about at stop signs or lights!

  5. What? No new post! Get a move on! LOL!

  6. (Jeopardy theme playing) :)

  7. Umm, new post!? LOL!!!!