Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yes, I've finished Lottie's quilt. And I've finished Bunny's quilt. And, yes, I am thrilled, thank you very much!

So now you ask, where are the pictures?


I have a little slight problem with that...

I had Bunny & Kitty take Lottie's quilt outside the other day (when the sun decided to shine for about 10 minutes) and take pictures for me...

But I had to leave to drive the bus, so the pictures weren't exactly what I had in my mind...

Anyway, without any more whining, here are a few pictures of Lottie's quilt:

Remember that site I had a link to the other day? Leah Day's site about Free Motion Quilting? Well, thanks to her, I had the cojones to try it myself, and as you can see above, it went fairly well! I really enjoyed trying something "new" and finding that I can do it!

So I've mostly just "traced" the patterns on the fabric.

That's okay... 'cause I'm happy with the results! =-)

I'm waiting for Bunny to leave the house (and for me to feel better at the same time) to take pictures of her quilt so I can post them.

'Til then!



  1. That is actually pretty damned nice!

  2. Thank you Otin!
    I think she's gonna love it. =-)

  3. wow, thats awesome! you are very talented!

  4. Such pretty work you do! Love the Fall colors in the one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Very much appreciate it! We absolutely do have 170+ copies of Where The Wild Things Are in stock...and that's just the paperback version!

  5. Had to remind me about my blog killer story! haha!

  6. Great quilts!! I would love to curl up in one for a nap.

    I heart that Otin is here!!!

  7. I asked Pat what Jeremiah weed is? LOL!

  8. Nice stitching detail! You got way more patience than I do.