Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wait! What Happened to Monday?!

That's me when i was little, and hard at work...
Well, okay. So i exaggerate a bit.
But i was so busy yesterday that i didn't even think about blogging until it was time for bed, so...
No post yesterday!
I apologize sincerely!
What? You didn't even miss me?
Oh the shame!
Okay. So i'm in a kidding mood i guess.
But i have to be fast.
The HVAC guys are coming in a minute to put in our new unit.
And i'm leaving shortly after that for my Yoga class. But i just wanted to give you a quick update...
Boyfriend, Kitty & i went to my in-laws this past weekend. They're doing about the same.
And TOMORROW is Boyfriend's birthday! He'll be fifty-two. Where does the time go?!?! (He was twenty-five when we got married!) We'll be going out to a nice Brazilian steakhouse that he went to a couple of months ago and hasn't stopped talking about since. A vendor (or somebody @ work) took him and some of his co-workers, and he LOVED the place. A bunch of our friends are going with us, and my Dad, and Z hopefully. (I haven't reminded the two of them about it lately...) I'll let you know how it goes...
Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse?
Apparently, they serve, like, FIFTEEN different meats!
It's male heaven, i guess! =-) (Well, if they had topless/naked women serving, then it really would be heaven to Boyfriend!)
Like i said, i'll let you know how it is.
I'd better run! They just rang the doorbell!

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  1. Your old pictures of yourself look like mine in the fact that they look very old! When did that happen? I was 20 just a few years ago, or so I thought! LOL