Monday, April 19, 2010


I accidentally skipped blogging last week! And maybe the week before that too...

Well, it was *sort of* an accident.

Actually, i was so busy (and away half the time) that i didn't have time to blog. I TRIED to keep up with reading all the blogs i follow... I commented as i was able...

So if *anybody* out there missed me,

i apologize!

Okay, here's the story:
Boyfriend's birthday was March 31st. I posted about it earlier. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse. Daddy went with us. He had a slight limp. Hed wouldn't talk about his limp...

Guess why.

Daddy had a small wreck on his motorcycle on March 28th, but he didn't tell anybody except Z (my 20-yr old sister who lives with him). (He thought his four older children wouldn't want him to ride anymore, so he wasn't talking.)

He also wasn't telling anyone about the bad headaches he was having every day.
They finally got so bad on Sunday, April ELEVENTH(!) that he had Z take him to the emergency room. They did a CT scan and said he'd had bleeding on his brain, "but it had stopped" so they sent him home. Well...

Tuesday, April 13th his head was hurting so bad he started throwing up! So back to the ER Z took him.

Fresh bleeding on his brain, so they admitted him.

I stayed that first night with him (Tuesday the 13th).
Later, he fussed at me for "baby-ing him"!

They kept him 'til Thursday (the 15th).

Before all that excitement, Boyfriend & i went to Gatlinburg - April 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. It was such a lovely trip. I blogged about it here.

Then on Apr 6th, Boyfriend had to go to Murphy, NC for his job (as far west as you can go in NC before you actually go into Tennessee), so i went with him. It was beautiful.
Late that afternoon, we got the call about Daddy being admitted to the hospital.

Then on Apr 18th, Boyfriend & i went up to Danville, Va to get some paperwork and visit his Mom & Dad.

Then on Apr 20th, Boyfriend & i had to go to Roanoke, Va to meet his oldest sister to consult with a lawyer about Medicaid stuff for his Dad.

And now (Apr 23rd, 24th, 25th) Boyfriend and i are in Beaufort, SC visiting my Mother.

Her Alzheimer's is getting worse.

And to top EVERYTHING off, she has been feeling bad today. She threw up shortly after waking up, and had a bad headache, and threw up again this afternoon.
Her husband convinced her (right before supper time!) to let us take her to the ER.
Three and a half hours later, we finally left.
They gave her an IV and some meds and she feels better.
She's had some chicken broth and crackers, and about an hour later, she's feeling better. I think her head still hurts a little, but
She's Feeling Better.

Now can i go on a little vacation?!

Or at least have a glass of wine?

Maybe a nice hot bath?

I'm not even going to mention the terrible incident that happened tonight while Boyfriend and i were trying to sit down at a restaurant to have a bite of supper!
Just suffice to say there were tears at the table next to us, and fussing and threats and drama.
It was simply one MORE thing that drained me.

My sister said i just can't seem to catch a break lately.

I'm thinking she may be a little bit right.

I know!
A professional full-body massage!


  1. You accidentally skipped blogging? lmao!

    Judging by all the traveling, you would have no time to blog anyway!

  2. I would have just buried my head in the sand. Lots of stuff on your plate. Blogging comes last. Shit happens, ya know? Hope things are going better for your Dad AND your Mom.

    Take care.