Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Swear It!

I'm NOT ignoring you, i *swear* it!
I'm visiting so many blogs every day, and lovin' 'em, but i just have no "gusto" for my own.  I know you're just dying to hear about the rest of my England trip.  And i promise i'll get on with it soon!

On the quilting front, i've been working (slowly) on the hand quilting for my daughter's baby quilt (And NO, she's NOT pregnant! She just *really* plans ahead!). I'm liking the pace of the hand quilting, and it's looking alright too, so, win-win i guess.
I'm also slowly working on a ROY G BIV type of quilt.  I don't like to take pix 'til i'm done, so i guess you'll just have to keep scratching your head over that one... especially since i really haven't figured out what i'm doing yet!  =-)

I've finished all the embroidery for the Bunny Hill thing i've been working on, but now i'm stuck! I really want to put the blocks together with batik sashing, but i don't know which colors, and i need to figure out how much fabric, etc.  So i guess i'm not finishing that one any time soon. HA!

And remember this quilt?  Well, that Mommy is having another baby, so i went out yesterday and bought fabric (a Layer Cake) for her new one.  She's around 24 weeks pregnant, so that gives me a bit of time.  I had Bunny lay out the squares for me yesterday, but we'll need to work on design a bit more before i'm ready to start sewing.

All that and i've been working out almost every day since just after Thanksgiving!  I've been doing Yoga for a year now, and after T'giving i tried Zumba and
i am hooked!!!
I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It's kinda like my Crack now! I come out of class practically high!  I'm even talking to people now, and that's really unusual for me!

Okay, i could go on  more, but i'll not be the cause of eye-rolling today.
(Or maybe i already am.  I dunno.)

I hope YOU are doing well!



  1. It's all good - I've been behind on everything since I started class but I'm getting there (sits patiently under a large toadstool for more UK pics)

  2. I tried Zumba once and my bones couldn't take it. I had even bought the kit with the videos and weights. Guess I'll be selling those!