Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Finish From Yesterday

I completed another painting. 
This one took me over two weeks to do... 
I fell into a dark, deep depression in the middle of making it, and that seriously messed with my "Mojo".

But i finally finished it!  =-)

I'm not totally crazy about it, and i didn't get the "high" from doing this one that i did from the other one, "Inner Balance".  Boyfriend confided a secret to me, and i just sort of lost that good feeling in the middle of trying to paint this one, "Grounding Down & Spreading Up".

But i love the colors in this one!  They sort of bring me a sense of peace and confidence.

Once again, the "vision" in my head is not what came out of my paintbrush, but that's okay this time.  I like it anyway.  =-)

I had wanted for her hair to look like the branches of a tree spreading up into the sky, but it certainly didn't come out that way.  =-)

Oh!  I guess i should inform you that she is doing the Tree Pose from Yoga.
I've been doing Yoga for almost two years now, and i absolutely LOVE it!

Without further ado, i give you:

"Grounding Down & Spreading Up"

She has a "fire" in her belly.
(That's her creativity.)
The Lotus above her head suggests
the unfolding of the soul.

I originally wanted her hair to look like branches of the tree
spreading up into the sky...
But it didn't come out of the paintbrush like that, so instead
she has a crown, suggesting Freedom/Liberty.

I hope you like her.
She's "growing" on me.  =-)

p.s.  I hope you know that sharing my Art is a bit like
allowing you to see a piece of my Soul.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this with me. I love the bright colors and the fire in her belly!