Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Quilt!

It's taken me a looong time, but i've finally finished Kelsey's Baby's quilt!

The thing that took me so long was the label.
I struggled with how to do the label, and then, after i decided i'd just hand-embroider it myself... Well...  Then i had to sit around and think about that for a looong time too.

Anyway, i FINALLY got it all finished week-before-last, and then i had to wait around for the Sun to come back out so i could finally take pictures of it!  =-)

Without further ado, here's Sophia's quilt:

While she was pregnant, i asked Kelsey what colors the Baby "felt like", and she said
"Pink and Green",
so that's what i did...
plus some.  =-)

 Kinda close-up
(Bunny was NOT here to help me, so i just did
the best i could.)  =-)

The back of Sophia's quilt

The hand-embroidered label
(i'm so proud of it, can you tell?)

Folded up, almost ready for me to mail it...
(Now where's that box)?

The trip to my sister's was very nice indeed.  =-)
We talked.  A lot!
We did a little Yoga.
She tried to get me to do some Yoga with her husband, but i honestly don't know where to begin with him just yet...  He has Rheumatoid Arthritis really really bad, and i look at his back and just get stymied.
He walks like he hurts ALL OVER, and really?
He DOES hurt all over...
So i don't know where to begin.
But this just tells me that i need to go ahead and take a Yoga Teacher Training class and specialize in seniors and people with arthritis, and i really need to

I know, i know.  I've gotta be careful what i ask for, but...
I'm sincere in this! 
I read a book called "The New Yoga for People Over 50" by Suza Francina, and she just has me fired up!  =-)
Now i'm working my way through another excellent book called "Yoga for Arthritis", and it's SO informative and good.  I'm gonna start doing some of those poses with props with my Dad today.
Actually, i REALLY need to get busy 'cause i gotta make a Bolster (or TWO) for him, and a couple of eye "pillows" - one for Daddy and one for Boyfriend.

Wow!  I'd best get BUSY!



  1. Gorgeous! I love it!!

  2. That quilt is adorable, the label is precious, and it certainly was made with love. Baby Sophia will treasure it forever, I'm sure!

  3. Hi! I LOVE the quilt!!!! Have a nice day! :)