Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Trip!

I'm going to my sister's today for the weekend!  (Well, 'til Monday.)
(She's probably shouting, "Finally!" right about now...)  =-)

She lives in Eastern NC with her husband and two dogs, out in the country.  I don't go to see her often enough, but i thought i'd go see before her busy-season at work begins.

It's difficult trying to "fit everybody in".
We try to get to my Mom's at least every 6 weeks.
We try to get to Boyfriend's Mom's every month.
I'm doing Yoga every day, and now i'm *also* teaching Yoga to my Dad FOUR days a week!  (Big Smile!)  He told me a few weeks ago that he needs to start stretching out or something, and asked me about whether he could do Yoga or not.  I sort of joked that, "I should come to your house and do it with you." and he JUMPED on that one!  He asked me about three times if i thought i'd be willing to do that some time...
Daddy is NOT the type of person to ask for help.  Like, EVER!  He told me a year or so ago that he'd rather live under an overpass somewhere than to inconvenience any of his (all grown) children! 
I'm not kidding!

Anyway, since he asked, like at *least* three times, i figured i'd BEST get my butt up and go teach him some Yoga!
It's really challenging me! 
I took him to an "easy" class (called Ease and Flow), as my Yoga teacher recommended, and he couldn't even get into Child's Pose!

It made me so thankful that i can move as well as i can.

I was also a little taken aback that my Daddy *couldn't* move that well.
It's something i never really noticed on our Saturday-morning-breakfast-routine.  It's not like i ever asked him to kneel down and put his forhead to the floor or anything.  =-)

Anyway, i've been giving him "lessons" for two weeks now, and i think we're BOTH loving it!  =-)

He's wishing he had started Yoga years ago, and i'm wishing there was somewhere around here that teaches "Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training".  About all they really teach here for Seniors is "Chair Yoga", and that's honestly what i'm NOT looking for.
I ordered this book from Amazon, and my honest wish is to go to California and learn from the author in person!  Her book is so informative and good!  When she looks at a Senior, she doesn't see someone who is "old".  She doesn't see someone who is relegated to a life of deterioration and eventual dependence on others.  She tries to eventually get each Senior to end up doing Headstands, if that is AT ALL possible!

Her book is SO INSPIRING!

I gave it to Daddy to read, for him to glean helpful tips and pointers from it.  Also, all the pictures of all those white-haired "little old ladies" doing handstands and headstands and bragging that their grandchildren have taken them to Kindergarten to use them as Show-&-Tell!  I just LOVE IT!  I hope it inspires him too.  =-)

I have a lot to learn in order to continue to help Daddy.
And i think it's inspired me to "branch out" into the Yoga-for-Seniors part of teaching Yoga. 

I want to help people to "grow young"!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!
I'll be back on Monday.


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  1. Wendy, I love the relationship you have with your dad. You have such a beautiful soul.