Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So i've been awful...
An awful Blogger, anyway.

It's not my intention!  Honest.  
But if there isn't much going on in my life, other than the typical "same ol', same ol'"...
Then i just can't force myself to blog anything.

I always feel like i can't make a blog post if i don't have any news...
or some new project i'm working on...
or something going on that "bears telling".

I'm slowly working on some embroidery on a bluejean jacket...  Still.  =-)
I'm also slowly doodling and what-not on an "altered" book.  I've been doing "something" with this book for, what, like 3 years now? 
Not 3 years steadily, though!  Like 10 minutes one day here, and then 12 minutes one day like 6 months from now.  It sits around a lot.

But that's how i "work".

But i AM working on getting my Yoga Teacher Training!  =-)
And it's KICKIN' MY ASS!!!
The first weekend, i was on my period, so i came home absolutely *exhausted* each day (it's fri, sat & sun).
But then, the second weekend, i wasn't on, so it went better.
Then this past weekend, i was on it again, so i'm *still* tired/not right.
But i'm hoping tomorrow is better... motivation-wise, anyway.  =-)

...oh.  Oh yeah.
I have some sad news to share...
Kitty will be moving out soon.
She wants to move out soon with her boyfriend.  Like, maybe next month.


But i know it's just the natural progression of things as they should be.
She's growing up.
I'm happy that she has the confidence to move out.
I'm happy that she has the courage.

But now...?
Now i'll be...


I know Boyfriend is still here!  I'm not saying that!
But he's usually at work, and i'm usually here...
By myself.
Just me and the dog.
And she's usually 


But i'll be fine.
I know i will.

I just need some time to digest this.

I'll be back.
I don't know when!
But i'll BE BACK!!!


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