Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Not much of a post today, but i do have some news.
No picture, just personal news.

...i went to the doctor Monday.  Her nurse called me to let me know that my doctor was "quite alarmed" with my bloodwork.
I'm anemic.
My Mother's anemic.
I've been anemic a long time now.
But yesterday, my doctor was alarmed by this.
(She's a new doctor for me; i just switched to her.)

She told me that a "normal" level for a menstruating female is 12 point-something.
She told me that mine is 8.8.
Then she told me that at 8.5 they give you a transfusion!

Holy Shit!!!

That really surprised me!
And i can't seem to get it out of my head.

I went to Yoga today, and i couldn't make myself do as much as i could do, because i can't seem to get over the fact that "that's" my number.

+_+    +_+    +_+    +_+    +_+    +_+    +_+    +_+    +_+

On to other news.

It snowed here on the 16th.  We took a few pictures.  I really like how the snow melted on the driveway, road & stones in the front.
It was so pretty.   =-)

Here's to hoping you have a Wonderful Week!
With the kind of weather you like, and loved ones in your life.


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